Nicholas Farago has a true passion for understanding different people’s opinions. This has led him to pursuing a successful career and along with a variety of unique opportunities in his portfolio.

Nicholas Farago is a Swedish entrepreneur, currently based in Dubai. He is the owner of Farago Motors, a leading car dealership in Dubai. The name is enough to tell the audience who they’re dealing with. 

Right from selling cars in person, to exporting them to different countries, they do everything.

Nicholas is now gaining increasing notoriety in the entrepreneurial sector. After gaining enough knowledge in Sweden, he has now moved to UAE to chase his dreams of becoming more successful. 

 “Just be stubborn, and never listen to what anyone say! Don’t share your goals & dreams with small minded people, and do whatever makes you happy. Try to work on yourself, talent isn’t enough, anything worth doing takes time. And always smile no matter how the life treats you. The journey to success is very long and it’s a painful way, but don’t worry! You will get tough on your way to the top.” – Nicholas Farago

Nicholas is smart and knows exactly what he wants, he reinvests his earnings back into his company and comes up with bigger and better ideas each time. From creating an engaging campaign to delivering the car to the customers, Nicholas has created a loyal audience for him. We wish all the very best and a huge success for the all upcoming ideas he has planned to mesmerize his customers with, in 2021.

You can connect with Nicholas via Instagram