Nick, who goes by “Nick for real”, was born and raised in France. He went through ups and downs in his life. He was not good at school, had little jobs, got rejected from college, and couldn’t find his way. Eventually Nick found sports betting and became successful. Nick failed countless times but kept going and never gave up.

In this article Nick shares his best tips on how to avoid burnout, stay motivated and more.

Distress Tips

Having valuable distress tips goes a long way when working on your career or life in general. One of Nick’s biggest distress tips that he has discovered is to realize your life is not depending on a sports result, therefore you should always keep a cool head when betting whatever the result of the game. His next tip is to come to terms with failure, as he believes failure is a part of success. He then adds on to not be afraid to lose, as you need it to achieve success.

Avoiding burnouts

Avoiding burnouts is more difficult than they may seem, so having a set routine on how to avoid those stressful days is crucial. Nick has noticed that sports have helped him out tremendously, going to the gym is a part of his routine. He believes it is not only important for his health, but it will also strengthen his mindset and push his limits for the better. Traveling is another factor Nick has done to avoid burnouts. Going on a trip for his friends relieves his stress, which is very necessary since he is constantly under pressure. 

Main Tips For Successful Habits

One of Nick’s main tips for successful habits is leading a healthy lifestyle in all terms, such as physically and mentally. Having and maintaining good habits and a vision is another very helpful tip he mentions. Nick then adds on that you need to be disciplined, to respect your engagement. This will help you create and maintain a stable life.


Motivation is a key factor in success, it is the push that helps us keep going. Within Nick’s business, there is no limit to what he can achieve. He believes limits do not exist as we can always learn more. He has now achieved a $500k bankroll and he is still at the beginning of what he is willing to do. Nick is certain that he is heading to the million, as setting goals with deadlines never fails to keep him motivated and consistent. 


  • Johnny Medina

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    Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who interviews successful Entrepreneurs/Business Owners who are willing to share their success tips & have overcome some challenging obstacles.