The Thrive Challenge is returning to Muskegon County! Committing to building healthy habits is more important than ever, so Thrive Global is making it easier for you to improve your overall well-being in a time when it matters most.  The Thrive Challenge in Muskegon County runs from June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020, and you can win up to $15,000! Download the app here to start making better choices today and win big!

When the nice ladies came to talk about the Thrive Challenge at our store, they seemed to be having real results on their own terms. That’s what got me going. Other programs and apps are too strict and will demote you if you miss a day. With Thrive, there’s no feeling like you failed. My primary goal was to feel better about myself and lose some weight. I started my Thrive just by not drinking pop and the first 10 pounds just flew off. I’ve lost 42 pounds and once you get the weight off, your self-confidence grows. I have more energy to be active with my 10-year-old daughter. We’re walking more, to the store and to the park. I’ve found that making better choices has really helped me manage my depression — I’m doing better and feeling better.

• Shopping lists really help with both food and money goals.
• With Thrive — you don’t get discouraged.
• One of my goals is to lose 50 pounds and I’ve lost 42 so far!
• I drank 12 cans of pop a day and I quit that.

My daughter and I used to eat take-out once or twice a day and we hardly ever do now. I was so surprised to realize how much money I could save with my better choices. We cook more at home, switching out red meat for leaner proteins and incorporating more vegetables. I’ve saved $800 over the last two months. Building a better relationship with my daughter is my biggest success so far. We cook together a lot, and once a month we plan a “theme night.” For instance, we had “Japanese night” and cooked a Japanese meal, ate with chopsticks and watched anime movies. My daughter and I are both healthier and happier. Thrive is not just about food and exercise — it’s wide open and so positive. You don’t have to jump in head first — just make better choices and make them your own.