Nighttime is when our sensory is fully awake! Of course, a significant portion of society is unaware of this. However, it’s the creatives, who truly stay up, at night! For they know that there are great lessons to be learned, during the course of night! There are jewels and treasures to be found. There is an abundance of knowledge to be mastered and immersed in, during the company of night! Nighttime is when the Universe becomes, alive! Such is the irony of it all, isnt? So many people do not understand that night (or dark coloring) are not “curses.” We have been lied to. Many people have been deceived. In fact, whenever we have been presented with depictions of darkness, it is always through negative terminology. Why is this? Why so?

Is it because people are ignorant of its existence? Is it because age old, and outdated perceptions have removed people from this sacred knowledge? At what point in modern human his/herstory did people forget? There is creativity, in the dark! There is power in our comprehension, for the magic and beauty, which surrounds us. And yet, so much of humanity has forgotten!

There is hope, everyone. For, music makes us, remember! It always permits us to return to memory’s timing. When the most beautiful, and surreal, voices come into play, one gains the chance to move into those sacred riches, which are in the dark.

We are here; centered in a champagne-colored richness, for one vocal beauty! Listening attentively, one can hear the sparkles and glitter, within her voice. The vibrations actually carry you into blackness’ treasures, into the Universe! It is the spiritual paradise we have all been waiting for. Everyday, there is a yearning to find it; granting us with comfort in the world. Every day, we are moved through this chaos, that we may comprehend, how unnatural our current statement of movement, really is. Truly, it is unnatural!

In the song, “Trois Lecons De Tenebres,” there are creative lessons to be learned. There is the element of creativity, at that. And, why the number, three? What is so sacred and magical surrounding this number? Well, that’s the lesson, which has to be learned. Granted, music becomes the forever, guide! You just have to be open to it. Therefore, our opening, awaits! So, let’s open. Allow the sparkles to shine! Let them move into a higher and greater boundary, ever grasped, before. Our journey into nighttime’s Universal journey begins, now! So sparkle, and, awake!

Pierrette Alarie