Ah, the rush out the door as quickly as humanly possible morning routine. Are you familiar with it? If so, for the sake of your well-being, keep reading. This may sound bat shit crazy but your mornings should not be full of stressful hustle and bustle just to get out of the door on time. With minor adjustments to your routine you can take control of your mornings and set yourself up for a smooth sailing day ahead. 

The Night Time Routine That Busy Women Swear By

Taking a few minutes every night to set yourself up for the AM is key. If you grant yourself this time, I swear to you that your stressful mornings will slip away. At first it may feel a little funny to you but this mindset will quickly become a habit that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Until then let me you hold your hand and walk you through it: 

Check the weather

Wearing your new white blouse in the middle of a downpour wouldn’t be ideal now would it? The first step to your new nightly routine would be to check the weather for the following day so you can plan accordingly, strategically. Whether it’s throwing a light jacket in your bag or making sure that your top is appropriate for the temperatures – you’ll thank yourself for being one with mother nature. 

Review your schedule

What does your day look like tomorrow? Will you be glued to your desk or have a big meeting with your boss? Do you have happy hour plans after work or will you be hitting the gym? Whatever is color coded into your agenda, being both mentally and physically prepared will alleviate the morning run around. You’ll know what outfit will be most appropriate for your day ahead as well as what you need to throw into your bag. Which brings me to my next points … 

Pick out an outfit

Instead of wasting 20 minutes staring at your closet with sleepy eyes, choosing an outfit the night before will have you feeling like a morning champion. You already know what to expect from the weather as well as your schedule so, select your outfit accordingly. Don’t forget to lay out shoes and accessories as well!

Pack your bags

This step is also a huge time saver so don’t skip it!! Instead of frantically throwing things in your bag like the house is on fire, take a step back and think what do I need tomorrow and pack accordingly. That way in the morning, you can grab your bags and walk out the door knowing you’re prepared for the day ahead instead of sitting with the feeling that you forgot something. Whether it’s your gym bag, your personal purse, work backpack or all the above – you will thank yourself for packing your bags the night before. For a helpful checklist, here are 10 things every busy girl needs to have her in bag to survive the day. 

Prioritize self-care

Now that you’re a superstar at setting yourself up for a glorious morning, it’s time to relax. You guys know that I am all about self-care, when the timing is right. Think about it – doing a 20-minute hair mask in the morning may not be most ideal time to treat your luscious locks. Instead, incorporate and indulge self-care moments into your nightly routine or make it a Sunday morning ritual. The same goes for your skin care routine. Save your face masks, and 10 step oil treatment for a time where time is on your side and it won’t’ leave you running around like a banshee.  

What does your nighttime routine look like and how does it set you up for a successful day ahead? Comment below! I’d love to hear what works for yu.

Originally published on The Millennial Miss.

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