The Success Recipe

Nine Rules For Becoming A Success

1. Do not procrastinate.

Do not wait until all conditions are right to become a success. You could wait the rest of your life. Believe that you always possess the understanding, courage and self-confidence to take action. Realize that procrastination is a state of mind.

2. Do it now.

Take the first step. There is always something you can do RIGHT NOW to move closer to your success. Use need, desire, ambition and attitude to motivate yourself to immediate action. Overcome thoughts of  helplessness, limitation, lack, negativity, and failure.

3. Stand on your own two feet.

Do not depend on anyone or anything for your success. They may be depending on you. Believe that you already have everything you need to get everything you want. You should become independent as a part of your interdependence.  

4. Do not fear failure.

To fail proves that you are trying. Every failure is a dress rehearsal for success. Every opportunity for suc-cess also contains the possibility for failure. Learn from your mistakes and failures. Concentrate on your possibilities for success.

5. Do not sell yourself cheaply.

You are worth exactly what you say you are worth. Know your full potential and the true value of your talents. Recognize that you are a very special individual with boundless capacity for health, wealth, happiness, love, success, prosperity, and money.

6. Develop the success habit of being goal oriented.

Set realistic goals for yourself. Determine what must be done to attain your goals. Make plans for their attainment. Keep a record of your performance and achievements. Stick to your goals until they are accomplished.

7. Visualize your goals and believe you can attain them.

See each goal clearly and in great detail in your mind’s eye—your imagination. Develop a sensory relationship with your goal. Know how it looks, feels, smells, tastes, and sounds. See yourself as though you had already attained your goal. Hold that vision constantly in your mind and believe that you can and will accomplish it. Know that your goal will be achieved in a timely manner.

8. Plan your work, and work your plan.

Analyze your goal. Write down each and every action that must be performed to accomplish your goal. Make a plan for its attainment. Prepare a time schedule for the performance of each action. Execute your plan in accordance with your timetable and produce desired results. When you execute your plan effectively, you attract the attention of other people who will help you in your efforts.

9. Keep going and growing

To quit demonstrates your own lack of belief in yourself.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

When you get to the end of your rope,

tie a knot and hang on.

Be prepared to do whatever it takes,

for as long as it takes.

Based on “The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, Super Achiever Edition by Dr. Herbert Harris. Email: [email protected]


Nine Rules For Becoming A Success