I’m often asked to explain what makes for a “great” Life Coach, as well as the reverse.

So here’s my list of 9 things a great coach can help her clients with and 7 things she/he can leave to other professions.

  1. Helps you focus on the things that are right with you rather than the things you think are wrong with you.
  2. Helps you fall in love with your Future Self rather than huddle daily (hourly?) with your Past Self.
  3. Helps you build such powerful new habits that your old, unhelpful ones disappear into the sunset without you even noticing.
  4. Helps you learn powerful and dependable life skills rather than stumble your way through your days on a wing and a prayer.
  5. Helps you craft the identity you want rather than the one you developed by default.
  6. Helps you put a match to your old, tired story so you can write a new one that serves, not enslaves you.
  7. Helps you move towards your goals with ease and joy rather than hard knuckling your way towards them.
  8. Helps you see your blindspots now so you are not blindsighted later.
  9. Helps you gather all the pieces of yourself you’ve scattered around and build yourself into a whole, complete and integrated human being.

And here are seven things a great Coach is not:

  1. Your alarm clock.
  2. A therapist.
  3. An unconditional cheerleader.
  4. Always right.
  5. Carrying any agenda other than yours.
  6. A baby-sitter.
  7. There to please you.