The alarm snoozed… Grab the towels and walk slowly into the shower…..

Breakfast? We skipped them most of the time, right? Unknowingly, your stomach tries to warn you by making some sounds and gets tired then upset.

Work starts at 9am, but still stuck in jam at 8.47am. It is still okay, as the office is just 10 minute away.

How about grabbing a coffee then? Quickly texts your best dude, ” Hey John, would you mind to grab some coffee for me?”.

Feeling happy as a coffee awaiting me. 

Reached office at 8.55am. Quickly ran to the elevator and reaches your table at 8.58am. 

Phew, luckily i’m early at my desk. Opens the laptop, checks the calendar first, “Oh God there is a meeting at 9am, something that I volunteered last month”.

Checks for the files and couldn’t locate them there. “Where it went?”

Heading to the meeting, with no materials to discuss on, thinking on how reputation will get affected and your mind the great story maker would have played 5 year story in one quick glance, flashing on your head.

Back to cubicle, still the mind flashing additional stories and you are trying to work on next other tasks.

Now can you imagine how the day would be?

Often we think that we are working only from Nine to Six, thus we can make things possible if we reach on time. 

Not really.

We have emails to check, ad-hoc assignments to support our colleagues who cant make it, slide decks preparation, meetings brought forward etc.

It is BEST to reach office at least 15 to 30 minutes earlier.

3 Why’s to Reach Office Earlier

Aware of ad-hoc assignments and better preparation

As i mentioned a situation above, if you were assigned to a sudden assignment you could use this time get better insight on the assignment. If you were to present on behalf of your friend, you can use this time to go through the slides and prepare for presentation on your own style. 

Do you state statistics in your presentations? Great, go ahead and find some relevant stats. Do you love to present great leaders quote? Absolutely fine, go get some from browser. 

Always be prepared to face sudden assignments, it increases your value in the eye of your employer.

Learn something new

Learning should be a long term commitment. Always seek for a chance to improve your skill sets and add more knowledge. 

An investment on knowledge, always pays the best interest – Ben Franklin

Improve any area that you’re interested. Recently i watched a video by Jay Shetty, where he said if you have skills that you’re best at, moderate at and poor at, always invest on the skills that you’re best at. Never spend time on becoming average by making all your skills to be equal. 

The reason is, by the time you get all your skills equally good, there will be someone who already worked well on their best skills who never shows the skills they aren’t good at. 

It doesn’t mean you should never grow your other poor skills, its just best that you spend more time on sharpening skills that you are already excelling.

Go back early to work on your desired Passion

Yes true enough right. If you come early, then you got to go back early. Going back home early, you might have a family waiting for you at home for a sweet and lovely dinner.

You might have tons of students on Udemy working on the next courses you are about to release. 

You also might have your friends waiting to go watch your favourite football game.

Whatever it is, spend the night on something you would love. Nurture and feed your soul for what makes it happy, and i guarantees your productivity level on next day will improve. 

Oh wait, i dont know my passion. 3 ways to find them.

Peaceful mind, happier soul.

Often we think, when the higher manager says we are practicing flexible working time means we can come on time or later. But the earlier you come, the more peaceful your mind would be and the more things you can do to keep yourself happier. 

Drop your comments, share me the other Why’s to reach office earlier.


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