“Close the door. Write with no one looking over your shoulder. Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say by doing that you really understand what other actually wants in exchange of their money “boldness and honesty of pen” quoted by Dr Nitish Bahalwala It’s the one and the only thing you should offer.”
Nitish Sharma is also known as Nitish Bahalwala is an M.B.B.S. by profession, a motivational speaker, from Belgorod, Russia.

He has embarked on new ways of understanding the concepts and components of human nature with a spark of spirituality and Humanity. Aside from his clinical calling, Nitish is additionally a functioning online media content maker through his seemingly best inspirational talks and one of the extremely persuasive multi-semantic bloggers. His interpretation of therapy and psycho sciences is perhaps the best quality.
Being conceived and did his tutoring from a little state in the place where there is Haryana, the social and social circumstances around may have made a flash of investigation and comprehension of how human personalities waiver around in the creator’s brain.

The complex cultural construction additionally more likely than not prompted his advantage in discovering the male-female things that exist for ages. Also, in this way, the plan to open the book ‘Feminatow more likely than not arose. This is the explanation he acquired enormous fame among his perusers worldwide. The book perusers consistently look for freshness to ideas and it is this that makes scholarly tempests. Feminatow is its optimal model. Here, the creator set out to uncovered the harsh truth about sexual orientation predisposition and communicated his ability to confront reactions.

Feminatow, a conjoined type of “MGTOW” or Men Going Their Way is a progressive idea. In this novel, Dr. Nitish intensely breaks the designs of misguided judgment on sexism developed pointlessly by certain pseudo women’s activists, especially in India. Truly, all progressive essayists managing society and the human mind went about as skeptics. And all the commended nonconformists were constantly assaulted by a specific segment of greedy people. Those scholars, in any case, minded reactions practically nothing. Nitish is neither a misanthrope nor an enemy of women’s activists however a pragmatist who depicted the uselessness of specific areas in making a huge deal about specific misguided judgments to deceive the majority. Feminatow is ready to make a worldwide scholarly tempest as its language is incredibly strong yet melodious (especially those managing the confused human mind).