It is well-known that Justice for the poor is rarely met.

In speaking to a legal representative about a case I was involved in, he told me that lawyers often defer to professionals even in cases where professionals have acted unethically. He further told me that he suspected it was all relative to how much money can be made by a lawyer.

The poor have limited funds, so they are not cash cows. Lawyers typically do not approach cases in which there is no money to be made. The poor are at risk, even for death, as a result. They are easily victimized.

The problem is worldwide as shown here:

Living in a corporate society is not easy for the poor. Where there is money to be made, the poor become chattel. The poor are subjected to treatments and drugs, ripping their lives apart while those in power reap the benefits of monetary compensation or bennies (benefits like trips, hotel rooms, etc.) from companies promoting products. In these cases, the poor person is most often “on the system.” In third-world countries, people become the source of slave labor for the rich. In many cases, the poor have fewer rights than animals in developed countries like the United States

There is a revolving door the poor are shuffled through, whether they like it or not, by those reaping benefits of such shuffling. We live in a hierarchical society in which the poor have no choice but to submit to such treatment.

There are few people who chose to advocate for social injustice. Those that do tend to be gutted by the very system they strive to change. Power and control are complete, and it does not rest with the poor.

I’d love to see Ali ? Anani, Brand Ambassador @beBee and CityVP ? Manjit tackle this issue. You two are far more cerebral than I.

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