“HARD WORK IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS” is a myth. The ruling class people used that proverb to get more works from the labor class. Teachers have always used the proverb “ Education is the pillar of success” to inspire students to study more.

Since the stone age, successful people have never worked hard. They have worked smart.

Gladiators worked hard, so did slaves. The labor class people have worked hard.

The agriculture workers in India work hard. Garments workers of Bangladesh work hardest. The construction workers in Dubai die working hard to build the tallest building in the world.

Hard work is inversely proportional to success. Too much work jeopardizes the potential of success.

Working hard will undermine your creative energy and innovative ideas. It, also, deteriorates your quality of life.

It is no wonder that you are not succeeding in your life by working hard.

The purpose of working smarter is to accomplish the same or more without working hard.

You have to optimize your brain functions to work efficiently.

Working smart can give you success not, not working hard.

Our brains normally are capable of remaining focused for about 90 minutes, and then you need a break for at least 15 minutes. In the breaks, you must relax both your body of mind. Then brains will be re-charged.

Taking a break may not be uncommon but taking naps seems uncommon.

It is scientifically documented that naps improve our cognitive functions and creative thoughts. Naps help to consolidate memories and remembering new information. It, also, help your brains not to be exhausted.

To keep your brain, function good, you need a regular workout and healthy diet. If you work very hard you will hardly get enough time for well-being. The outcome of your hard work will fall. The quality of work will fall, too.

I live and work in Denmark. Danes work less than workers of other European countries. They get longer vacation. Yet productivity of Denmark is more than European countries as well as USA.

There must be a balance between work and private life. The quality time with your family and overall a comfortable life are the essential part of success. Even if you are able to earn money by hard work, you will not have success if you do not have a comfortable life.

The satisfaction of employees in many big Danish companies is increased from 39% to 95% with work-life balance. Working hard is a constant burden in your life. Neither your body nor your mind can relax if you work out of proportion.

Innovation is the driver of any success. I know from my own experience that hard work destroys your creativity. A tired person cannot be creative.

In our childhood, we learned a simple rule of science. You cannot move a heavy stone by using all your physical strength. But you can move simply by using a long bar.

You have use technics; in other way work smart to become successful.

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