No more PMS, Period Problems, Fibroids, Acne & More

Hormones play a significant role in managing all the reproductive growth functions in a woman’s body. If there is an imbalance in the hormones, this can affect the physical and mental well-being of a woman. Minutest of the imbalances lead to a significant disturbance in the menstrual cycle such as PMS, increased acne, tenderness in breasts and more. Therefore, it is essential to living a healthy lifestyle to maintain the balance between the several hormones present in the body.

Here, we are going to talk about what causes this hormonal imbalance and everything you can do to bring your hormones back in sync with your reproductive growth.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is the scarcity or abundance of one of the many reproductive hormones present in the body such as estrogen and progestogen which can occur at various stages in a woman’s life: Puberty, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, and menopause. Depending on which hormone is imbalanced, the initial symptoms of hormonal imbalance may vary:

•    Lack of sexual drive due to vaginal dryness and pain in intercourse

•    Unusual and sudden weight gain

•    Hot flashes and night sweats

•    The growth of facial hair and a reduction in the hairline

•    Irregularity in periods or scant, painful, or overflowing periods.

•    Acne, irritability, and PMS are other issues

Of all the above issues, the first indicator which shows that it is not you, but your misbehaving hormones is the irregularity in periods. Typically, the gap between the two periods is from 24 to 38 days apart. If the first day of your initial period and the first one of your next have a gap which is lesser than 24 days, or more than 38 days, you are experiencing an irregularity in periods.

How to Tackle Hormonal Imbalance the Natural Way?

Getting rid of ongoing PMS seems like an unconquerable task. The hormonal imbalance might worsen things for you. Then again, there are various natural solutions you can opt for which will help you come back!

ESTROSmart–Yes Wellness is the one-stop solution for hormonal imbalance. It is made up of natural extracts which act as a companion for every woman who is experiencing irregular periods, abnormal cell-growth associated with fibroids and polyps, heavy breasts due to lumps and ovarian cyst formation. Acne and PMS can easily be targeted with this alternative to expensive and complicated hormone therapies otherwise available.

Additionally, there are some lifestyle changes which will help you escape the complexities of hormonal imbalance, they are:

1.    Keep a check on what you eat

Living on a diet full of processed foods and junk can lead to severe hormonal troubles. This can further increase the issues such as PCOS, breast lumps, and PMS. To tackle this hormonal imbalance, you need first to balance your diet. Yes, consuming a balanced diet which is rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains will promote the generation of good estrogen in your body. This good estrogen will curb all the imbalances and reduce menstrual irregularities.

2.    Work the Excess Weight Out

As crucial as it is to keep a check on your diet, you must also keep in mind that the access fat which has already accumulated will not go away with food alone. You should accompany what you eat with a regular workout which will make you sweat and get rid of the extra kilos. The exercise simulates your cells and increases your metabolism and bodily function, resulting in reduced weight and healthier life.

3.    Stop Stress and Live Mindfully

No matter how redundant does it sound, but the sedentary lifestyle takes a heavy toll on your hormonal health as well. If you are suffering from PMS, sudden weight gain, uncontrollable acne, PCOS, or irregular menstrual periods, it becomes all the more important to keep stress at bay. The irregularity in hormones also contributes to the anxiety and irritability, increasing the complexities of life. However, you should strive to remove all the negative thoughts from your brain and bring positivity in.

Meditation, reading self-help books, going under therapy if you feel depressed, and socializing more with people you love and share similar interests with, will help you manage hormones well.

4.    Say No to Vices

Often, consumption of alcohol and smoking are some habits which are not advised for pregnant women. The sole reason behind this restriction is that they are the contributors of bad estrogen in the body. And if you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, you need to say no to these negative lifestyle habits.

Hormonal imbalance, if not taken care of in time, can cause serious health issues such as infertility, endocrinal cancer, and breast cancer. Therefore, it is as integral to address your hormonal health as looking after other health issues. And small but positive lifestyle changes can help you achieve just that.