Hate is a strong word, too strong to waste on a sock. But the way I feel about stray socks is very close. They keep filling up my drawer, waiting in my laundry for the other half that never shows up. 

Stray Socks always asking, “Wonder where my mate went”?  

(Oh… like YOU never had a conversation with a sock.)

So, today is it.  Today is goodbye, Stray Sock. I have grown weary of you. I am tired of looking at you.  Goodbye. 
Oh… you’re upset, “Stray”?  Well, so am I.  GET OUT.

This is goodbye to ALL the “Strays” plaguing me.  All the annoying, leftover bits and pieces in my drawer, in my hamper, and in my life. No more taking up space.  From now on, the void you leave behind will be filled with the fruit of restoration and destiny.  Now, seeds will be planted, nurtured, and made ready for God to provide the increase. 

There is no room in that equation for you, “Stray”.

And there still time for you and I to put in the work, to filter and focus.  We can still close the deal in 2018.                          

What does that mean? 

  • NO more peanut butter waiting on jelly.
  • NO more work undone, loose ends, or pieces of a dream.
  • NO more head space filled with nothing but uncertainty and doubt.

It’s going to take a plan.  A REAL plan this time, one that is simple but strategic.

“Strays” don’t suddenly disappear.  They linger, so let’s commit to be consistent and intentional about filling the gaps that keep us from the future God desires for us.  


Going forward, there won’t be a list we create that we are not willing to check off. Let’s see this through.

See TASKS through.

See WORK through.

See LIFE through.

See LOVE through.


And when the dust settles, you and I can say with a win in our pocket, “It was God and me fulfilling destiny”.   I’ll take it.  Will you?

What “Stray” will you get rid of first?