Awakeness and happiness can be achieved through joy.

We all are raised up with the false belief, that success, happiness, awareness are products of a very painful situation.

Working with hundreds of people through subconscious reprogramming, not only I have realized that this was a false belief but we all together proved it as well.

These people achieved a happy, awakened, successful life through joy and calmness.


There are specific techniques to do that.

The world is changing very fast. We hear about the new cosmic energies that reach our planet and the big changes that are going to come.

If you stay still, waiting to see the changes and you are not part of the change then nothing will happen.

The change will come from inside. The change around you, will happen if you change inside first.

So how this works?

What you experience depends on what believes you have in your subconscious mind.

I will give you an example from my own life.

I was an abused child and teenager till the age of 19 years old.

When as a kid my father was beating me, my mother was saying “Don’t cry, he does that because he is worried. He does that because he loves you.”

So what did I learn from this?

“Whoever loves me will abuse me.”

Growing up I met wonderful men who never behaved badly to other women. But with me? They were changing. The belief that I had inside me was leading me to experience with mathematical accuracy the violence verbally or physically again and again.

There was the same pattern in every relationship. Even in friendships.

How this changed?

I had to follow some techniques which change the false belief. Once the belief changed, once the belief was transformed to “Whoever loves me is full of tenderness, kindness, appreciation, admiration” then my whole life changed.

This is the way we change our reality and the way the others treat us.

In the recent past, we had to do even hundreds of sessions in order to change our false believes, re-living every painful memory, because each belief can have lot of ratifications and big roots. Some believes are global ones, others are created from what we have experienced in childhood or while we were growing up.

So the way was to dig deep in each 2 hours session in order to find one belief and work with that through Theta Healing or other wonderful but time, energy and money consuming techniques.

Now days there are 2 very fast techniques which can be applied in just few minutes and change radically your believes.

The one is a very special 15 minutes reality creation hypnosis which can be done through internet one by one or in groups.

The other is an even faster technique. The “Maya Reality Creation Technique” which allows you to use it every 1 hour and its duration is only one minute.

This technique can be explained and taught online in 1–2 hours in order to realize and understand how it works and then you can have it for one lifetime to do it by yourselves.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

So, is that easy.

You can throw away now the false belief that happiness, success, spiritual growth come through pain and live the life you deserve fully, loving yourself in just few minutes.

Actually the belief “I don’t love myself” can change in just 1 minute for everybody.

We are living the future.

We are the future.

We are at that point where healing can take place easily through joy and laughing.

Dr Korina Lymnioudi (M.D.) has studied and worked with Homeopathy, Theta Healing, Energy Therapies, Vibrational Medicine, dreaming, lucid dreaming, subconscious reprogramming, clinical hypnosis, Create Reality techniques. Has helped many people to re-create their reality and live their dream life.Her book“The book that writes itself — Magic Book (Part I)” teaches you among others, how to be a succesful spiritual being, through a fantasy & sci-fi story. You can contact her at [email protected]

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