Purpose. The reason we were created. The reason we exist.

Several months ago, I sat alone in tears presented with a challenge. A leader, who I once admired, sat me down and told me that I do not have purpose. I allowed for those words to replay in my mind, and I caught myself beginning to wonder what could drive a person to cut another human being so deeply.

In the next brief moments, I made the conscious decision not to dwell in the negative, but to celebrate all of my successes. I was created for more.

I stopped worrying about what others thought, and I began to take inventory in the areas of my life that I truly enjoyed. I leveraged my life experiences and became resourceful so that I had the ability to consciously seek out opportunities where I could connect my morals, values, and goals with a Place, Purpose, and Passion. I allowed myself to become vulnerable to the pain that comes with growth and change. I made the declaration that this time, I need to ask more questions, and I need to be thoughtful with my “yes.” I needed to make changes to improve my self-care, but what changes did I need to make?

I started by acknowledging that I was in a place beneath my potential.
I admitted to myself that I did not have the right mentors guiding me. I had felt for quite a while that I was not part of a team. Next, I accepted that those whom I had been surrounded by were in fear of my potential. They were willing use their power to suppress me.

In the next moments, I made the conscious decision to rise. I said “yes” to accessing my potential, and I said “yes” I do have purpose. I set out on my incredible journey of Rising. Doors began to open, and I made meaningful connections with amazing human beings. I became present, and I took time to really enjoy every moment and experience of life.

These are a few of the changes that I made to my self-care that fuel me as I continue to rise and perform at my absolute best:

  • I re-evaluated my Square Squad. I got clear on whose opinions mattered. I decided who is worthy of hearing my story.
  • I wake up and I practice gratitude.
  • I spend 15-20 minutes thinking and breathing.
  • I stop negative thoughts in their tracks, Not Today Satan!
  • I strive to be present in moments and with those around me.
  • I dwell in my successes.
  • I connect with mentors who Lean In and support me.
  • I listen and connect with my peers.
  • I am vulnerable with my Square Squad. These are the people who are in the arena with me, they are either ready to rumble or ready to celebrate.
  • I take time to let others know how much I appreciate them.
  • I take time out often.
  • I disconnect from technology.
  • I go to bed grateful.

I exist for a purpose and my future is bright. I have found a place where I fit, and I am able to live out my passion. The changes I have made to my self-care have been instrumental in helping me establish the non-negotiable needs I have in my life. I reconnected with myself, tried new things, embraced leadership, and I continue to develop myself every day.

You exist for a purpose. You were created for more. I challenge you to take a few moments to reflect on where you have been, and where you want to go. This is your moment to rise!


  • Sarah Elizabeth Quick

    Life Coach - Blogger - Visionary - Leader

    I have a background is in psychology, with a focus in Life Coaching. My niches include Health & Wellness, Leadership & Executive, Marriage & Family, and Grief Coaching. I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by coping with the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients. I continue to challenge myself as I consult with local universities and community organizations to develop and facilitate workshops, author educational materials, and serve as a speaker for events. I currently serve as Co-Chair and Diversity & Inclusion Chair on the Licking County Community Intercultural Relations Committee where I collaborate with local faculty, students, business leaders, and community members in regards to current diversity and inclusion issues and concerns that should be addressed. I also created the Licking County Community Intercultural Relations Committee Champion Award and its criteria. I serve as Arts & Culture At Large Board Member of Young Leaders of Licking County, an Advisory Committee Member of the Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County, and a Scholarship Review Volunteer for The Licking County Foundation.