According to Merriam Webster, gaslighting is described as manipulative behavior used to confuse people into thinking their reactions are so far off base that they’re crazy.

Gaslighting can be used by an individual or group as a way to shame people who dare to question their story in order to control what others believe to be true. 

A classic example is a wife finding lipstick marks on her husband’s shirt collar. He makes her think she’s crazy for making such an outrageous claim that it would be from another woman.  

She’s left questioning herself as she’s letting her husband’s argument override her intuition.  

The exact same tactic is currently being used on a large international scale.  

For those alive today, this one of the most critical times we’ve ever experienced. Yet anyone questioning what’s really going on is being called crazy. They are being gaslighted. 

The governments, regulatory bodies, and media across the world are now, more than ever, desperate to ensure that we don’t think for ourselves. Anything that goes against the CDC and WHO is deemed “misinformation”, such as taking vitamin C is being removed from the internet, as explained by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. In the wake of these “community standards” whole channels, like Davide Icke’s are now blacklisted. Regardless of what you think of his content, the fact that he can no longer express his opinion should make you question why they are so desperate to control us and where we draw the line between a democracy and dictatorship.    

At the same time, the media has paid virtually no attention to the revisions that were made on April 27th to the UK Public Health Act. The government is now allowed to enter and remove people from private property, detain people, and force mandatory vaccinations. Medical consent has been revoked. If that’s not bad enough, to contain contamination “premises can now be destroyed”. 

What’s happening societally is the same thing as the husband being offended by being confronted about what’s obviously not the whole picture and underlying agenda. 

What is their agenda, you might ask? The agenda is to revoke our medical freedom and the right to life and liberty. And if you think you’re lucky to not live in the UK, that governments would never do that, or that this somehow is “misinformation” I hope that you start to investigate some things for yourself. 

I, for one, do not comply and I will not consent. I am a sovereign being with free will and I’m in charge of my body, my mind, and purpose in life. And so are you.

If the counter-argument is “it’s not about your life, you don’t have the right to put others at risk”, I ask you to think about who put that in your mind and for what purpose. Why wouldn’t people have the right to choose for themselves? Isn’t this what humanity has fought for? This is a fear tactic, shame programming, conditioning, and – you guessed it – gaslighting.

Why do they want us hypnotized by fear? What is the benefit of having a fearful, programmed, and conditioned populace? 

It’s all an attempt to have us freely give away our right to choose. And if we don’t, our fellow neighbours will shame us as a means to make us question whether we even should have a right to choose. Because, isn’t that being selfish?  Gaslighting is when we question our own reality, that somehow we don’t know what’s best for ourselves. 

But you, as a sovereign being, have the right to determine what you do with your body. You’re not crazy for claiming your sovereignty.

What would happen if you shut off the news for a few days and listen to your instinct? Is this lipstick yours or do you know it belongs to another woman? Is this agenda for your benefit, or is it a means to control or even depopulate the planet? Your inner being will tell you if you simply shut out the noise long enough so that you can hear the quiet whisper of your soul. 

The means to keep us distracted from connecting to this part of ourselves is supported by our western lifestyle. Trading our  most precious non-renewable resource – our  time – for playing our part in the system. Who has time to go within when we’re trading 40 hours of our week for a pay-cheque to ensure we can afford all the latest and greatest things? Rather we spend the little bit of free time that we have arguing with our fellow man about who’s right or wrong in a system that drains our life force and wants us divided – by gender, age, religion, sexuality, race – virtually anything you can think of. Because when we’re divided we’re focusing on what’s wrong with our brothers and sisters rather than the deeply corrupt system that’s set up for us to struggle and we’re devoid of taking responsibility for our own lives. 

We become empowered when we take ownership of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. When we stop blaming others and making them wrong for who they are and what they believe. When we claim our voice and stand up for what we know to be right and encourage others to do the same. 

It’s time to claim our sovereignty. To assert our free will and our right to choose to live our lives as we see fit. To step off this crazy merry-go-round of consuming more and more and start to enquire what our soul longs to create. 

And we can only go after our soul’s calling in a free system that honours the sovereignty of each and every person of this planet.