Noah Eisenberg: The Success Story That Will Go Down in Sports History

You might have heard many success stories over the years where a person spends years going through troubling times and struggle to make a name for themselves until they finally achieve their dreams at the end.

These kinds of success stories have motivated millions of hearts worldwide, giving them the chance to believe that they too might be just like these people and crave their own successful fate for the world to see. However, the reason why these success stories are so impactful is because many people cannot easily achieve them. Struggle alone is not what makes these stories so appealing- the person itself needs to appeal to the crowd.

One of the most recent example of such a person is none other than Noah Eisenberg- a professional Canadian soccer player who plays as the central attacking midfielder for the Welsh soccer club, Llangefni Town FC, who compete in the Cymru North. What makes him stand apart from the rest of his peers is how quickly he rose to success and is currently known as one of the first Canadians to play in the Welsh’s professional soccer.

To understand where he is coming from, let’s take a look at his past. Eisenberg recalls that ever since he was very young, he had always aspired to become a soccer player on a professional level. His parents, who were eager to help him with his dream, had Eisenberg enrolled in a soccer club at the age of three. Growing up, he attended St George’s School of Montreal, where he became the captain of the soccer team. After examining his skills, he was offered a two-year soccer scholarship after graduation. Naturally, he accepted it and then split it between Bridgton Academy in Maine and Tilton School in New Hampshire, after which the scholarship was further extended.

After one season at the Birmingham Southern College, his skills were noticed by other institutions; Eisenberg was offered to play for Belgium’s first division A club, Waasland Beveren as a trialist. He accepted the offer and moved to Europe. His skills were even praised by Marc Vanhoomissen, who had coached Lukaku, saying that he had great vision as a central attacking midfielder and showed some of the best shots he had ever seen.

Soon after in 2019, Noah was scouted once again and signed with the Northern Irish Amateur club Derriaghy FC, which competes in the Northern Amateur Football League. He ended up making seven appearances in that club and scored his first goal against the best amateur club in Northern Ireland, Crumlin Star.

However, there were also some unfortunate moments in his journey. In the same year, he also signed in the NIFL Premier Intermediate League alongside Lurgan Celtic, a golden opportunity for him to showcase his skills on a bigger platform, but after the club’s board decided to revamp the team, the senior ended up withdrawing from the League. Similarly, Eisenberg was offered a contract by Llangefni Town FC, but he was too late in signing it before the opportunity came to a close.

During this time, Eisenberg decided to sign with Dakota Fusion, a North Dakota- based club that played in the American National Premier Soccer League- although the season had been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the situation taking a turn for the worst, Eisenberg didn’t hesitate to find other ways to reach his success. After keeping in contact with Llangefni Town FC from the previous year, he finally gained the opportunity to sign with them for the 2020/21 season. Being able to get signed by many institutions is very difficult. Still, Eisenberg managed to charm his viewers with his exceptional skills, possibly making him the next best thing to emerge in sports history.