Eckhart Tolle: To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.

Have you ever been plagued with too much noise in your head or heart? I suspect you have, otherwise you just might not be human and rather an alien.

Today we are plagued by so much internal and external noise in our lives and we have a hard time to make sense of situations, relationships, work, decision-making…you name it. Covid has not helped the noise and has rather amplified it because of so many uncertainties, disinformation, unknowns, discomfort. The cacophony of noise can be deafening.

Noise can be explained as positive and negative. The default system of humans is normally the negative first. Noise creeps in and can escalate without you knowing it. You become numb to it as it is everywhere and everyone is experiencing it.

What is the noise I am speaking about? It can be anything.

Positive noise

comes in the form of birds singing, gentle wind, rain falling, sweet words of praise and support, a smile, a loving message, observing a child joyfully play, walking your dog and many things like this that move you inwards and fill your heart.

Negative noise

can appear, in the form of major distractions that are pulling you away from your core. Here we have plenty of examples, news, social media, smartphones, TV, sensationalism, negative news, non-stop voices in your mind, gossip, too much talking, sound of cars, traffic, city noise and much more. I think you get the picture.

How can one get a hold of it?

Recently, I been working with many coaching clients who are losing their leadership grip regards remote working and too much time on zoom. The typical symptoms they and their teams exhibit are worn out, less motivated, lack energy, yearn for social contact and the list goes on. The mental anguish was showing up in disengagement; lower productivity; resistance to multiple factors; bosses not trusting you while remote working; and reluctance to attend more meetings. Plus, communication instead of getting better is getting worse. I suggested to one client maybe exploring an Emerge Retreat while still working, could help her and her team members.

Emerge Retreat

An Emerge Retreat is a retreat focusing on reducing the internal and external noise, so that you can hear the voice of creativity, thoughts or ideas that are wanting to emerge from within you. When you reduce the noise from the external and all the devices you use, you can start to hear the stillness and quiet inside of you. There are less distractions. You slow down and listen more; become more calm; get curious and take on the role of an observer looking inwards rather than outwards. You are less pulled outwards. However, the ongoing caveat is, this takes conscious intentional practice to gain deeper awareness.

Simple Noise Reduction

What she did was not overly original or new, however, it again reminds us of the resilience, resources and knowledge that lives within everyone of you. She…

  1.  Stopped listening to the news on her phone, apps, computer and TV
  2.  Limited her social media presence to once per day for only 5-10 minutes
  3.  Began journaling her random thoughts
  4.  Took walks in nature with her phone and only checking it to discover the number of steps she was taking that positively encouraged her
  5. Restructured how meetings would be done and reduced the amount. 
  6. Started reading self-development books
  7. Spend some time meditating. 

She found that after a couple of weeks, she started to be more consciously aware of almost everything around her externally and internally. She could hear more positive voices inside of her; found she was calmer and able to handle her leadership better; see the seeds of opportunity more clearly; experienced new and creative positive aspects about herself and her work. Listening, sensing and seeing a bigger more expansive perspective was the biggest difference. Ultimately, after a month her energy flourished, she became more creative, resourceful and her productivity was better.


Now she is more alert to the NOISE when it starts to build up and has interventions to help reduce it. Again, allow the voices that want to emerge to emerge so that you can evolve. Give yourself a chance REDUCE the NOISE so you can live your best   

If you relate to this idea and want to know more about the Emerge Retreat, do not hesitate to connect with me at [email protected]

Kevin Cottam, Canadian, Global Nomad who helps dynamic leaders and organisations uncover their winning edge. He is a Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Author and the originator of the Nomadic Mindset Podcast. A former elite choreographer to World and Olympic Figure Skating Champions and director of multi-million dollar productions including the 1988 Olympic Closing Ceremonies. Kevin believes we have become too narrow in our thinking and behaviours and we need to expand our innate global thinking to create a new now and future that brings humanity, economic practices,