Are we developing our true potentials? ( Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels)

Millennials are known as the burnout generation, according to Anne Helen Peterson, in her articlein the BuzzFeedNews. Her hypothesis was, due to the optimization of productivity, this generation has become so burned out, that they have difficulties in fulfilling mundane jobs that their parents have done without problems (clean a car, file a letter, fill in some administrative papers…).

First of all, I have to confirm, that is really true for my case. I was horrified looking at these things in the evening, after my day full of stressful meetings, hours of traffic and being late picking up my children from school.

But does it stop there for the millennials?

Are Millennials Also Aliens?

First Alien Found: I Don’t Love My Job

When I got burned out from my job, coming back to search for one, I told my husband: Why all the jobs that pay well are so boring? He said: That is why they are well paid!

Have you ever yourself wonder, why the jobs that earn you a decent income will most probably be accountant, IT manager, constructor, project coordinator, administration…?

What do artists and spiritual folks do to earn a living? Or all others who do not have administrative or project management soul? Can you earn well being a singing teacher? Or a meditation practionner? Many do not seem to have a choice than working for an industry or the-like jobs. Unless, “dying for a cause”, they live their passion and let their “partner” feed the family.

2019 survey by Deloitte stated that 49% of millennials will quit their jobs in the next two years. And that is due to job dissatisfaction. 

Let me ask a question. Do you feel authentically yourself in a surrounding where you are there solely to earn money? Most probably not. If I was an artist, I’d love myself better being surrounded by artists, not road constructors!

Second Alien Found: I Don’t Develop My Real Potentials

At the company where I worked, the position of an employee is evaluated based on two things: your performance, and your potential. The performance is if you do your job well consistently. What does potentials mean? Potential, for a manager, means how you are ready to take on more tasks outside of your areas of responsibilities. And by this, you show yourself the best! (Remember productivity optimization of Anne Helen Peterson!)

Let’s take a minute to think about it. During years, I tried to meet the expectation of my boss, to show my “potentials”. I never felt being pushed so hard to show my “work ambition”, take on more things. I also need to be clear on what next position, “higher in the ladder”, that I need to work on to achieve.

I never had courage, or perhaps more self-identity, to say: But What If I don’t want to climb the corporate ladder? The answer is, oh, you can earn less!

And those who know the corporate world well, climbing a ladder is not easy. You can’t just be with love and kindness, be good in your technical domains, and wait for the promotion. You might need to know how to be more visible, make some noise, and show off your strengths over others!

Being a very kind person, secret, sometimes timid (some other spiritual souls might find themselves here), I did have some difficulties doing what was expected to move up. Does it mean I lack potentials? You know the answer as I do.

We millennials might be aliens in the places we are today. Not loving what we do. Not developing our real potentials. For me, potential should mean how you can be the best version of yourself. And not the best version of what is expected of you! And definitely, you can only be it, when you are TRULY yourself. Probably first by doing what you love?

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