Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in a place that’s just not working. We feel like we’re going through the motions and we don’t know how to leave this place. Sometimes we have difficulty articulating the problem – because there’s no actual problem. It’s just a case of the blahs. You’re not feeling disgruntled, but you’re not really “gruntled” either.

When you recognize that you’re in this place – for a day, a week, a month or even longer, you need a plan for getting out. I believe everything should have a person inspiration toolbox; it’s your treatment plan for getting unstuck and re-engaging with your life.

How did you get here? We get here by lying to ourselves, by telling ourselves that we’re okay when we’re not. By saying yes yes yes, when we want to say no no no. We get here by being untrue to ourselves. And one day, when we pause and look at this new (untrue) life we’ve created, we find that we’re out of alignment. Martha Beck says that a life lived in the alignment of spirit, soul and body is where we find happiness and fulfillment. So whether we’re saying yes or no, our spirit, soul and body should echo each other. When our hearts say no, but our lips say yes … over time, we create dissonance, disengagement … we find that we’re going through the motions. Our bodies are still there, but our innermost self isn’t.

How do we re-engage our hearts in our lives – in our work, relationships?

We tell the truth. We admit the truth, first, to our own selves. Admit to yourself that you are scared, that you do want the house and the car that your minimalist partner looks down on. Admit to yourself that you will never be Martha Stewart regardless of what brain games you try to play on yourself. Accept your truth. Accept that you have gone along to get along – understand that you can’t continue to do that even though it’s easy.

And then you talk to your people (yes, this is the difficult part). It’s okay, they love you – all of you; the good, the bad and the ugly. They’d rather be embracing the real you. They need the real, engaged you – not the one that always agrees, not the one that always goes along. They love YOU. You don’t have to call a big meeting, but you CAN start to share your authentic self – the one where ALL of you is in alignment. YOU love you enough to SAY it, THEY love you enough to hear it. They want to see you. YOU need to see you – to see yourself (not a stranger) when you look in the mirror.

Remember: alignment – spirit, soul and body. You all need to be in one accord.