not every motivational quote is made for you improvise

If you try to incorporate every motivational quote into every area of your life, you are contradicting the other quote at the same time.

Be kind!

You find this phrase wrapped up into many motivational quotes out there.

Is it applicable to every situation?

I highly suspect.

Be kind to everyone playing foul and see your life becoming miserable sooner than later.

Kindness is a sign of weakness if applied every time.

You need to become powerful, not to oppress someone. So no one can suppress you.

Happy, sad, angry, kind, spender, miser, decent, childish – all shape true human identity.

They are prerequisites to living a life you deserve, truly. They all are present in your personality with different intensity.

What you nurture, grows.

If you don’t get angry on something you consider wrong, you’re doing wrong. Similarly, if you get angry on something unusual, you’re playing a risky bet.

If you have money to spend, it doesn’t mean you have to spend anyway. Similarly, you don’t have to restrict your hand every time.

Do you like looking decent. In front of kids. Family. Friends. Relatives. Everyone.

It is wise to appear decent and hard-working employee before your boss. But it doesn’t look decent looking decent all the time.

If you fail to improvise as per the situation, you fail to excel and grow.

Sometimes you need to go against the words you advocate. Every wise word you follow stands fit for a particular situation. At times, you fear going against your opinion you peddle around quite often. But your growth lies in there, actually.

Your own happiness matters. If you compromise what makes you satisfied, you struggle to keep others happy.

If speaking ill about someone makes you feel better. Do it. Just do it.

And don’t hesitate to talk about them. Behind their back.

Yes. You heard that right. BEHIND THEIR BACK.

These are just thoughts. Not a final decision. It’s possible the result turns out to be entirely different compared to what you planned in your mind first time.

Thoughts are generated to be expressed. In a written form or verbally. Pick what resonates with you, better.

If you suppress them, they start ticking in your mind and take a shape of worst whirlpool. Which will burst out anyway.

Let your thoughts glide. Over and over. Again and again. Keep them running. Give them a way out. Be flexible in your approach.

Try to listen to everybody before picking up what blends well with your reality. Your life situations, surroundings, and environment you brought up in may appear entirely different from the wise word doing rounds on the web.

Keep your awareness alive.

Let your intelligence play its role.

And improvise.

Instead of going strict in your approach.

Are you planning to incorporate this post into every area of your life? LOL