By Jane Burnett

New research from cloud-based talent acquisition solutions provider iCIMS Inc. shows that 76% of Americans consider “not hearing back” after sending in a job application “more frustrating than” being ghosted after date number one.

Five hundred working American adults reportedly took the survey (whether they were full-time or part-time), and the report also included numbers from the iCIMS system, which is reportedly based “on a database of more than 61 million applications and three million jobs posted per year by 3,500+ customers.”

Here’s what applicants think of employers

The research found that 95% of people surveyed think that how “a potential employer treats them as a candidate is a reflection of how they would treat them as an employee.” Still, 67% of working Americans think that “the application, interview or other process would make or break their decision on whether to take a job.”

But 26% of those surveyed say that they have resigned from a position “specifically because they didn’t feel they were onboarded or trained properly.” While this option should be a last resort, here are some tips on how to leave a job on good terms, should you ever need to do so.

Still, other employees felt like taking it there — but held back — with 44% thinking about resigning without actually going through with it.

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