With the boom of Digital Platform in 2020 social media due to pandemics, many avenues have opened for creators. In 2021, many professionals give their astute guidance in managing and helping celebrity clients earn a massive online following.

Some individuals are pro at media & celebrity management and devise techniques to boost their social media reach. Among them is a dynamic and talented man, an expert in dealing with social media and helping businesses, celebrities, etc., prosper online; he is Alessandro Riggio. He has scaled to the top of the industry by boosting the profitability and audience for many people.

He has a team of hard-working individuals who brainstorm various online strategies with him. As a result, he has an elite list of clients, the majority of which are international celebrities.

Crafted various unique strategies, culminating in his global success. As a result, he is in very high demand and only deals with the most exclusive top names in the industry. Riggio manages major footballers, DJs, singers, artists’ social media accounts.

He is also the manager of Khaby a mega online celebrity, who with his content, has attained international fandom.

He is a gaming video creator and has over 27.7 million followers on his IG. It is now the fastest-growing account, and part of his success goes to Mr Alessandro.

With an elite list of clientele, fantastic creativity, and robust professionalism, He has become one of the best in the world.