TruthLinesVoice® Not the end of your story, but the beginning

How did you feel when someone said “no” to you? 

Whether it came in the form of a breakup, failing a class, not getting accepted into your dream school, or being left out, you felt rejected. Rejection is hard. It’s painful and heartbreaking. It’s by far one of the hardest truths you’ll face.

When a relationship, an exam, an audition, a performance, or an interview doesn’t work out for me, I immediately think, “Oh wait, there’s something wrong with me. I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough, not talented enough. Someone else is better than me. Perhaps I’m not good at what I do?” Haven’t we all been there? When we lose something that’s so important to us, we begin to doubt ourselves and work in fear.

Rejection doesn’t determine your value.

You are a part of something. You do matter. When one door closes, it just means, it wasn’t the right time for you or the best fit. I know it’s hard, but every “no” will only make you stronger. If things were always easy, we’d never understand what resilience, perseverance, endurance, strength, and confidence takes.

Rejection isn’t the end.

Rejection can negatively take hold of our lives if we let it. Rather than holding in all the negative emotions, allow yourself to process them and learn to let go of the past. Why not start over? Why not create a new beginning? If we view each rejection as a teaching moment, as a lesson to be learned, we can see it as something positive.

Rejection is only part of your story.

Life brings different opportunities. Put yourself out there. Keep moving forward and try again. Be open and honest in your journey. Reach out to people who will be a voice of encouragement. The weight of rejection does get lighter when you create space for new experiences.