1. Dream the way you did as a kid– Don’t let the negativity stop you from bringing your dreams or goals to life. The one thing you have control over is your own happiness. If you believe in yourself, you will succeed.
  2. Don’t be afraid of being weird Be yourself. Don’t be ordinary. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Focus on your own style, and you will leave a bigger impact on people.
  3. Dance more often– Turn your music up and dance. Dance while cooking dinner. Dance with your children. Dance way, way more than you ever have before.
  4. Meditate for at least 10min a day– I know you can find 10min in your day for your mental well-being. Block out the same time in your calendar each day for some quiet internal exploration.
  5. Take time away from social media– Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing online. Stop going to bed with your phone. Converse with the people in the same room as you. You can be much more productive when your hands are free.
  6. Front load your morning with things that make you happy Go for a walk first thing in the morning. Ride your bike with your children. Work in your garden. Enjoy the sunrise while drinking your coffee. Stretch like a cat does each morning.
  7. Be kind to yourself– Stop focusing on the things you don’t like about yourself. Channel your energy on things you are proud of, and set goals for areas to improve on. You will shine with inner-beauty.
  8. Start giving back– By giving back to your community or family, you will grow more as a person. If you find yourself wishing things were different in your community, be the one to make the change!
  9. Get rid of the toxic– Surround yourself with more positive influenced people. Focus on attracting the good energy. You might notice your circle is smaller, but the quality of life is fuller.
  10. Focus on the right stuff– When it’s raining outside you can either focus on the windshield wipers or the road. Don’t let all your issues consume you at once. Let the small things be small things. You don’t have to solve every problem in one day. Learn to compartmentalize your thoughts.

Originally published at medium.com


  • Kirby Tousey

    Mother, Wife, Creative Art Director, Singer/Guitar Player, Snowboarder, Longboarder, Fine Artist, and Lover of Life.