How many mornings do you wake up doubting yourself?

How many times do you tell yourself, ‘I can’t’?

How many times do you allow others to decide for you because you doubted yourself?

Have you ever wondered whether you’ll ever amount to anything?

When I think about all the struggles I went through in life, most of it came from my limiting beliefs. When I got stuck; it wasn’t because someone else was holding me back.

The truth was I couldn’t move forward until I got out of my own way.

My self-limiting beliefs reinforced my feeling of worth – I’m not good enough. I will never be good enough.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!

Many self-doubters aren’t even aware that they are their own worst enemy – they constantly seek permission or approval before moving forward.

It’s not who YOU ARE that is holding you back, it’s who YOU THINK YOU’RE NOT.

With patience, practice and time I was able to minimize my limited thinking by being honest with myself.

What worked for me was to write my thoughts on paper, which helped me sort through my feelings. My attitude became more positive and my outlook on life was happier. Eventually my frustration and excuses decreased, and I gained more confidence in my capabilities with each step forward and each small victory.

What you tell YOURSELF every day will either life you up or tear you down.

When I started to replace negative words with positive, I realized the only thing I could control in all situations was myself – my attitude and my reactions.

Positive words can become your affirmations. Affirmations are not just statements repeated over and over. They are a way to become aware of your thoughts and words in everyday life. They helped me turn my limiting thinking and negative words around by replacing them with something positive.

The one I use in most situations is,

“I can do this.”

A few others that I use:

“I am strong.”

“I won’t let this defeat me.”

“I will come out stronger.”


Remind yourself that you are a kind, compassionate person and most of all, you are worthy and lovable. The stronger your determination is to make changes the better affirmations will work for you. Find a phrase, quote or word that lights the flame in you. Your self-talk should give you strength when you need it in challenging moments.

Make yourself proud today.

Start with the words you say to yourself and about yourself. 

Stay with it.

It really works!


  • Bonnie Milletto

    Motivational Speaker/Emcee, Author, Youth Advocate, Actor/Model, Voice Over Artist

    Drawing from years of experience as an on-camera host and live event hosting, Bonnie is a dynamic personality and highly sought after resource for speaking, event coordination, acting and voice over artistry. Founder/Creator of the Amazing You Empowerment Conference, Bonnie is the published author of 'Dedicated To The Cup, Nine Ways To Improve A Life!' and the most recent guidebook to action for youth and young adults, 'Been There, From Stuck To Unstoppable.' Bonnie is a top media source on personal empowerment, youth challenges and life success. When this best friend, mom, wife and entrepreneur is not on stage or on air, you will find her in her second home - a nature trail exploring a new adventure.