get in shape and transform your life

Three years ago, I would have laughed at the thought of someone quitting his/her job because of stress. That, however, doesn’t mean I’m the best person to cope with stress,or even find laughter during dark hours. I dare say I’m the exact opposite. Imagine a bomb exploding, and then visualize that explosion in a person’s head. When it comes to jobs, though, people usually lean towards swallowing their anger, and just doing the job they were hired to do because there is no such thing as the perfect job, or the perfect workplace, and getting worked up over every annoyance has no room in the business world.

Venting to a confidant is how I go through the heavy toll of a stressful moment. It’s my way to release the pressure weighing on my head. I don’t necessarily come up with a solution for whatever the situation is, but it, somehow, clears my head, and helps me de-stress. It is during those times that I Feel how blessed I am to have a caring family, and amazing friends, who are always ready to help me process everything however they can.

A couple of years ago,I decided I needed a boost to my career, so I, excitedly, applied for a job that was going to help me grow professionally. Long story short, it was a very draining YEAR.I, not a quitter by nature, put up with a lot of unnecessary pressure, just because I was too eager to learn something new, another personal trait I`m not quite sure if I should be too happy to possess.

At some point into this year, I realized that if I was going to put up with that load, then I needed a breather, a stress-relief, some kind of balance in my life. I can only say it was God`s hand that I was approached by a dear friend about, which initially was a pastime and a way to kill boredom, hitting the gym. I got excited about the whole thing, for I thought it would really help me take my mind off everything that was happening at the time, and I would have a purpose outside of the workplace. Dreams of losing weight, and getting stronger and healthier flashed before my eyes. I, instantaneously, started feeling lighter, and my brain, automatically, shifted from thinking about work all the time, allowing it little control over my thoughts.

With my newly-found excitement, my level of energy sky-rocketed, and mean that literally. On both a physical and psychological level, I started feeling improvement. I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos giving nutrition tips, and full-body workouts. I managed to incorporate cardio with strength training, and yoga. I became a regular gym goer.I experienced first-hand the positive impact a change in lifestyle can have on a person. I felt happier, more energetic, and a lot more productive. I was eating healthy, and even going crazy with some recipes. I finally took control over my life, and I felt Zen!

As time went by, and my love and obsession with living healthy grew bigger, and that pushed me to work out harder. I was seeing results. I had never, in my life, felt that focused, that much clear-headed. And that feeling, believe me, is magical. I owed it to myself to put an end to a toxic job, and a toxic workplace. I became clear to me that I can replace a job, but I will never replace myself. So, I pulled the plug on it by the end of that year. Later, I decided to take on part-time jobs,that would allow for me- time. Since then, my whole routine has changed. My day is no longer one big block of work, work, and more work. I make sure that no matter how exhausting a work day is, there has to be a part of it just for me. I started digging into my old hobbies and interests, and what I have been missing out on. As it turns out, life really is full of small joys if we keep searching, but most importantly is the joy of peace.

It has been over two years now, and I still believe taking care of myself is the smartest decision I have ever made, for now I know that I AM my most valuable asset. I AM my biggest investment!