Many of the challenges we face are caused by an inability to communicate and connect on a deep level. When we’re not able to express ourselves from the heart, we can feel misunderstood and easily get frustrated. Is it time to take stock of the root cause of what is holding you back from fully expressing yourself?

We live in a time where so many of us have been so separated within ourselves that being humane and compassionate, even to ourselves, becomes challenging. But this is a time of opportunity when you can let go of the manual you were given on how you should live your life since we are living through one of the biggest transformations in our history.

You may feel that things are going “wrong” or you find yourself facing huge frustrations at how much things are changing. It may even seem that everything is against you. You can’t seem to get a break and you feel the increasing stress pulsating through your body as new aches and pains manifest within you. You may lash out at the world feeling that you can no longer navigate the uncertainty that is emerging.

Take a moment to imagine that you are on a walk. You come to a forest and you can see in the distance fallen trees, holes and pitfalls. But you can also see paths and trails. So you continue walking, and you naturally follow the clear path as you go. But what if you are stressed out and worried? In this case, you might stumble along, telling yourself to watch out for the potholes, only to trip into one and sprain your ankle.

Your state of mind and level of communication with yourself and your intuition maters deeply. When you can sense what’s around you, you become aware of how to navigate yourself. Learning how to protect your body and immune system as much as possible is the healthiest way to create well-being for yourself, along with clearing subconscious programming that attracts negative circumstances to you.

The news you ingest is like anything you choose to consume. You can eat cheap fast food that gives you gas or you can choose a healthy meal that supports your immune system. When you choose toxic programming, it can poison your mind, body, and soul with fear and sadness. You make choices about what you consume and ingest every day. And whether you want to engage in being right about what is real and what is fake. Who are you truly trying to convince?

The time has come for clearing out toxic beliefs and states of mind so you can plant seeds for the healthy way of life. Where have things become too complicated or overwhelming? Where do you feel burdened? What can you release? Why do you need to be right all the time; what is that you actually accomplish by blaming, judging and shaming? In a winner takes all wold, everyone ends up losing.

It boils down to your attitude and how you approach life. When you see problems and challenges, you will be entangled with them every movement of your day. But when you transform the problems into opportunities, you let go being a vicim of circumstance, and start entertaining new ideas that will fuel a sense of possibility and potential.

Perhaps all you need now is to return home to yourself and invest in how you nourish yourself and those you care about? It all depends on the mindset you bring along on your journey. Can this be a time to shine a light on the deeper aspects of yourself and your life?