Nothing ever goes according to plan and no plan you draw up will work just how you want it to go.

Most of us plan because of safety. We want to know what we are doing and how we think things are going to go to give us security. No one likes being left in the dark, especially me.

Planning also lets us create the future, a clean slate of endless possibilities. We love the future because we dream of it as being all we wanted. And planning for the future excites us, motivates us, and gives us a sense of living.

But nothing ever goes according to plan even when you have all the bases covered; the steps meticulously thought out. Life won’t let you have it that way. Life rather keeps you on your heels, throw curveballs at you randomly, and hope that you react. It is life’s way of teaching us to be reliable, patient, flexible so we may thoroughly enjoy what we want in the future.

Instead, plan to react.

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  • Mike Liguori

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    I'm an Iraq War veteran, published author, and founder of Live Your Truth Media, a content marketing firm that focuses on powerful storytelling and audience building. My book, The Sandbox Stories of Human Spirit and War chronicled my two combat tours in Iraq and coming home from the war. My writing and thoughts have been featured in the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, and his personal story has been featured on, The Denver Post, Huff Post Live, and other media publications. For the last ten years, I have had the honor and privilege to work with some of the top brands in the world and some of the most ambitious start-ups you could ever imagine. From copywriting to content creation and strategy, I take the client’s mission and vision into alignment with their audience by creating authentic and meaningful content to drive sales, customer engagement and brand loyalty. My next book, War How I've Missed You, is scheduled to release in 2020.