I posted a catchy motivational phrase on social media a few days ago:

And here’s what a reader reminded me:

“ Not true. My weight has really ballooned in the comfort zone.” Pete

Perfect! I love when my readers teach me something new, or at least a new way of looking at something.

Nothing in the Universe stands still.

Everything is expanding and growing or shrinking and receding.

Movement of some sort is constant.

So, Pete reminded me, plenty of things grow in the comfort zone.



Self Doubt



Self Limiting Beliefs

Chronic Pain


The list could get really long, and typing it is feeling like it’s weighing me down.

You don’t have to go skydiving or try to set a new world record at something. And I’m not saying you’re not good enough just as you are, because you are.

I’m saying go beyond your comfort zone regularly because that’s how we grow, and growing is living.

The key is to stretch even just a bit beyond your comfort zone each day.

Learn a new word, try a new recipe, take up a new hobby or sport, make a new friend, go for that promotion, wear a bold color, study a culture you know nothing about, do something that’s always scared you.

Everything in the Universe is growing or shrinking. Living or dying.

Keep expanding. Keep growing. Keep stretching.

“If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.” Gail Sheehy

Let us all know in the comments how you’re growing today!

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