Foundations built on money for power sake and male domination are now crumbling, with our new higher frequency of equality, and compassion and universal love rising.

My feeling is, Notre Dame is similar 9/11 a new foundation built on compassion to share the money for all nations and colours, a shift from money for power sake. Many of the Christian churches were built over sacred sites for Mary Magdalen and they destroyed the black Modonna statues and shamed Mary Magdalen as a whore as she was a powerful Divine Feminine woman, leader of his 12 female disciples (that were also wiped out of history)

Notre Dames new foundation will be built on one of honouring the Divine Feminine equal to the Divine Male.

Mary Mag. And Mother Mary being the strongest Divine Feminine women for the christian church.

This fire was a Baptism karma payback for burning all the witches in the name of the church (all churches) in the past.

Christ Ascended about this time.

The Divine Feminine Mother Mary and Magdalene) are ascending now. Out of the ashes.

So the Divine feminine and Divine male (Christ) are now ascending together (this a vibratory universal shift of energy for the world).

The Virgin Mary black Modonna in Spain. This photo was taken on my visit to Spain. You could feel her divine love, so sweet.

Merina Rael is an artist, meditation instructor, art therapist and drum tone healer, psychic, intuitive, published writer.

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Mary Magdelene art by Merina Rael