You know life is beyond busy with every thread of your being. The responsibilities creating your reasons to separate from your true essence hinder you. You are mired in work, caring for your family, creating more resources to do what you want to do and live how you want to live. The very nature of your reason for being is based on feeling divine inspiration available for you.

Large questions of worth and purpose loom when you have checked out from the moments that interconnect your divine inspiration from the life you live. Life is comprised of an infinite series of seemingly tiny actions like tasting your food, inhalations and exhalations, unperceived reactions and a trillion more little things happening internally each and every day.

Begin to find meaningful feelings to connect you to divine inspiration by really looking in the mirror. Audibly recite your traits and express what you see. Describe the color of your eyes: blue, brown, azure, sea green, golden flecks, ebony, and anything else. Recount the shape of your eyebrows, density of freckles, skin tone, and curve of your lips, lines around your mouth, eyes, and nose; thick or thin hairline and all the possibilities in between. Observe with contentment and compliment. This is your beautiful face.

Be open to believe in your worth just because you are. Baby steps of self love join with acceptance of yourself to change your life. Your life isn’t anything that happened to you or you did wrong. Your life is right now. Choose to move into this moment where diversity of your life flourishes. Loving yourself integrates acceptance into your experience. Cultivating acceptance begins with accepting yourself.

10 ideas to realize an epidemic of self love:

1. Lose facades. Shame is perhaps the trickiest of human emotions. Masterfully, shame disguises itself. Subconsciously it whispers to you that it will protect you. While hiding out behind the scenes of your outward life, shame wears you down internally rather than protecting you. Shame reveals itself as inadequacy, unworthiness, regret and overall disconnection of happy feelings. Shame is often linked with guilt, whether something you did or something implied by another person. A cycle of shameful feelings about oneself can linger for a lifetime when in reality the child did nothing to deserve the basis for shame. Human nature acts in the most honorable ways when you know feeling good is your true nature. Honor your worth to feel good. Make choices supporting the essence of feeling good. Choices like better nutrition, resting when you are tired, and making time to be in nature will help you lose the facades of shame’s veil.

2. Honor simplicity. The human body is brilliantly designed and interconnected with function, structure and form. Amazingly the beautiful complexity of trillions of functions that cause your nails to grow, food to digest, eyes to blink in defense of invisible particles and everything more that makes you move, think and breathe is fueled by the inputs you give it. Your body prefers simplicity over complexity. As beautiful and innovative technology expands and permeates our lives, there is a balance to be made with honoring your natural design. You still thrive on the true sounds of a babbling brook, birds chirping in the park or along your hiking adventure, and consistent uninterrupted good nights of sleep without technology’s detraction. Embrace the wonders of the modern world to suit your palate for technology, however instill in your children and your life a foundation built on simplicity in sync with your natural design. Ease flows from simplicity. You are not meant to struggle.

3. Live with intentionality. Be purposeful. Intentionality is contrary to being haphazard or accidental. Life full of purpose travels deliberately. Apply intentionality to everything you want whether it is a long term goal or a short range need or want. As you begin to apply intentionality to everything you do, you will realize how easily the mind wanders and the body follows. Resist wandering. Intentionality’s mindset of focus and determination is the means to realize the experience you want to have. Intentionality begins in the stillness of your mind with self-awareness. Consider mindfulness techniques such as journaling and meditation to propel a quiet mind. In the stillness of your mind you become aware of clarity of action toward your purpose. Following good feelings is the beginning to discover your way to clarity of your purpose. Each moment you choose courage, integrity, kindness, openness, and compassion with confidence you are living deliberately in the moments to define you on purpose.

4. Attract rather than detract. If the cause of self-deprecation is low self-esteem then build yourself way up. The practice of respecting yourself and valuing your traits and characteristics is anything but narcissistic. Honoring yourself enough to cherish the choices of how you invest yourself, your time and your resources is healthfully charming. Cultivate your natural beauty with a smile instead of a frown. It takes self-awareness to conscious of what you broadcast. As you travel through your day, be mindful of what you are thinking. Plant a positive thought in every moment. Living out a greater awareness of you naturally turns your frown upside down, as the saying goes. If you really can’t think of anything to admire favorably about yourself or your surroundings, be it people, places, or things in every moment, then make something up. Your imagination is an amazing place to cultivate the attraction of what you want.

5. Resist dispensing advice. Even when asked, don’t tell others what to do. It is impossible to advise another’s course skillfully. This even holds true for parents and spouses when your intention is heartfelt. When you care deeply, inspire their point of attraction. Ask questions with curiosity and interest. Be open and hear what is being told you while continuing to affirm and acknowledge what is being told you. Engage the feeling link for others when they consider their choices. Choices are the avenues to wishes fulfilled. Gently ask others how their consideration makes them feel. Dispensing advice usually backfires whomever you are dishing it out to. Evidence of a backfire may show up immediately or it may take years to manifest. Invoke a spirit of guidance for others to cultivate their heartfelt desires. Only the seeker holds the perception which forms the basis of how to travel from where they are to where they want to be.

6. Sleep more. The importance of consistent good night’s sleep is just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Good sleep is the basis for perpetual rejuvenation. According to many reliable sources, sleep deprivation and deficiency may be linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, Diabetes and stroke among other dis-ease and health maladies. Good night time sleep is when your body does most of its natural detoxification, rejuvenation, repair and growth. Your body constantly seeks balance. When any function is impeded your body compensates as best it can until eventually something has to give and a breakdown of function or dis-ease manifests. Listen to your feelings to know how much sleep you need and then arrange your life accordingly. Resist stimulants to do more and instead succumb to your body’s natural defenses to nourish you. Your reward will be inspired energy, creativity and healthful expression of you.

7. Perform tiny daily random acts of kindness. The reason feel good moments feel so good is because givers get benefit from their kind gestures as does the receiver. Philanthropy dishes out happy chemicals that give people a greater sense of well-being. Big gestures of generosity are amazing, but in the tiny seeds we can reap great fortunes of health, wealth and happiness. Random is unplanned, irregular, casual, and even odd. Kindness represents goodness, graciousness, humanity and patience. Joining random kindness in daily action benefits the giver even more than the receiver. Studies have shown that improved mood, improved sleep, better physical health and even increased longevity are connected to giving. The reason giver happiness is connected to random acts of kindness is that it is meaningful for you in the moment. It is the little acts of giving of yourself selflessly that offer a windfall of happiness for you and others.

8. Respect yourself. Healthful selfishness fosters expansion, growth and development. Without self-respect, divine forces within always bring you back to realization you are what is missing from your happiness factor. Practicing self-respect is the beginning of a journey toward fulfillment of your life purpose. Much like a journey walking through the woods, hiking a trail to a beautiful vista or accomplishing an educational pursuit like a degree or certification, the road you travel to reach your awesome destination and life purpose fulfilled isn’t always visible or easy. You have commitment and dedication to stay the course, keeping self-respect foremost. While temptation whispers falsehood, staying dedicated to you first and always nurtures your health, well-being, dreams and aspirations. Naturally radiant calm positivity fosters more love for others. Feeling your way to honor yourself means greater success as only you can define it for you. You reflect vitality of your entirely nourished being.

9. Be present to your past. The present moment is where you can feel and take action aligned with divine inspiration. The value of hindsight lies in understanding how the past shaped your now. Let go decisions you loathe; unfair trespasses, hurts and circumstances no one should endure; happier, healthier and more prosperous times; or the contrary experience of poverty and pain. Every moment of the past offers meaning that has shaped you for this moment. Understand, value, love and anything else you choose to examine the past. Learn and reshape your life with the knowing that right now you can choose and receive more of what you want. Receiving more of what you want begins with one new thought. Look up. Taste each bite of your food. Notice the air on your cheek, the sun on your hands as you drive, the hum of energy swirling in your midst. Every moment holds a miracle.

10. See yourself as you show up in life. Guide others perception of you and get more of what you want in life. All the responses to your earliest communication, even before you began talking, were based on the cues given to you by parents, family, and caregivers. Same as with communication today, their perception wasn’t so much about you, rather it was about their needs getting met. Observe yourself in the midst of your dealings with others. Quiet your mind. As you contend with sensory input going into a conversation, visit or meeting with another person, they too are contending with their own self-concept and sensory overload. Each party to an interaction is coming from their unique perception, agenda, and ideas. Hone playing into the earliest images of your self-concept using cues to shape getting more of what you want. Sharpening the perception others have of you by polishing their view of you is smart for everyone.

Create the sparkle to reveal your natural beauty with gentle persistent practice of these ten behaviors. While you express your real essence moment by moment you can shift to realize gracious acceptance of yourself and others. Greater kind intentionality aligns with the essence of your divine creation. Your life and the lives of others you interact with will lift. Living well and loving your beautiful self is your birthright. The world is waiting for your natural glow.

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