Now is the time to reflect on how we could respond. Each person has something to unique to offer . As we see the news and updates, sometimes we might wonder what we could do to help. I would suggest that every person who is able to help, could do so with their unique skills and strengths. …whether it is to check on each other, set up virtual calls, or even make masks or donate food and money to local pantries. If you are one of the fortunate ones, with a job that allows you to work remotely and have access to internet, here are some ways you could help with your professional skills: If you’re skilled in: 1. project management, perhaps organize and manage a project for the needs of your community organization(s), connecting those who need the resources, with those who are interested in helping in some way. 2. Communications, perhaps help through social media, emails, or even a website, to communicate needs to the wider audience. 3. Sales or marketing, perhaps help in creating strategies for the businesses to reach out to new audiences in an online capacity. ..the list goes on and on.. Each person and action is impactful. no action is too small. One big reminder in this, is how each person has a gift and how we are truly interconnected.


  • Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi

    Business Psychologist and Entrepreneur

    Dr. Nitha’s focus for her Doctoral research is on culture, creativity and innovation to understand the correlation between exposure to foreign cultures and creativity. Born in the UK and raised in the US, she has traveled extensively internationally and delivered workshops and market expanding solutions to executives on international business projects in the USA and India. Her focus now is to help people develop a mindset of diversity and inclusion, creativity, innovation, and globalization. She uses her talent in communicating change and innovation while managing ecommerce projects .  In her work, she uses her marketing and management consulting skills gained over the past 15 years. Nitha delivers project consulting, coaching, training  focused on her experience in technology, psychology, and business.   She has an Undergrad and Masters degrees from University of Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology an MS in Computer Science,PsyD in Business Psychology, an MBA in Marketing, Operations Management, HR and International Business from Loyola University Chicago. In addition, she has certifications in Change Management, Project Management, and Scrum Master Certification.