“Now The Silence”  is a relaxing album filled with the sounds of soothing piano. This is my first experiencing an instrument only album specifically with songs composed solely of traditional instruments. Especially one that didn’t include lyrics at all. The songs together sound like a story being told and make the listener reflect. It can help the listener to focus on the things we take for granted; or on the things they always wanted to accomplish. The album covers moments of hope as well as despair.

The first song, ‘Very Young Old Man’, features only piano and feels like the passage of time. There is comfort felt from the notes of the piano as it depicts the passage of time. ‘Luz de Luna’ has some percussion and violin accompanying the piano. It is slower, adding to the peaceful atmosphere of the song as it transports you to nature with the moon the only light in the dark.

The third song is the title track, ‘Now the Silence’ and, using only piano, lives up to the name. It allows the mind to wander while the body is still. It also happens to be my favourite song for that reason. ‘Alma’ is the fourth song and another one that uses accompanying instruments – this time cello. This song has more sombre notes and may cause the listener to recall sadder thoughts. But its tinge of nostalgia reminds us that those sad moments always came before happier ones. ‘Woolgathering’ has us return to the piano for a song that fills up the space between thoughts while reflecting how our thoughts tend to rush around in our minds.

‘Tolworth’, the sixth song, is the first to feature the voice as an instrument without adding any lyrics. This is another favourite for that reason as well as the fact that both the piano and voice together make for a very dreamy sort of sound. The harmony of both instruments is smooth. Almost at the end with the seventh song, ‘Idyllic’, which is a piano and violin song that depicts the ideal feelings many of us would like to have during this difficult time. There is a sombre tone mixed with the gratitude of the song – reminding the listener that there is always a silver lining. The eighth song, ‘Remembrance’, has a childlike quality, as if going through childhood memories.

Song number nine, ‘Siempre’ uses a violin along with the piano and expresses a desire to return to simpler, more familiar times. The song also hints at a need to connect with people again. The final song, ‘Blue Nights’ again solicits the help of stringed instruments to expresses loneliness felt by many of us in these times.

Now The Silence truly embodies the importance of listening to the silence. Composed as Juan Sánchez had to spend time alone like many others during this time, it holds all the weight of being able to gain from deep and, sometimes uncomfortable, reflection.

To find more about the “Now The Silence” álbum and Juan Sánchez, you can visit the composer’s website here: www.juansanchezmusic.info