Sometimes the repetitiveness and routine of the days can dull a previously held enjoyment for activities where we find refuge. When we lose the motivation to do even our favorite past times, how can we expect to find it any other time? One key aspect of maintaining our motivation is our inspiration. Much like anything else, inspiration needs to be cultivated like any of our other pursuits. We have to nurture it so that it is a constant presence in our lives, whether we need it at that particular moment or not. When we do, we will find that our excitement for each new day, and the adventures that lie ahead, will only flourish from there.

Inspiration doesn’t have to be for one specific thing, despite what some may think. Many people may associate it with creativity and the pursuit of the arts, but in reality, it can actually manifest in numerous avenues no matter where we find ourselves in life. In the broadest sense, inspiration is about engaging our brains and keeping ourselves mentally active. It is about taking a gleam of an idea and motivating ourselves to push our limits. Below we’ll be talking about our best advice for encouraging our own inspiration.

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  • If we’re dealing with a lack of inspiration, it may be time to take a well-deserved break. The sentiment isn’t to stop whatever we’re pursuing and never pick it up again, but rather to distance ourselves from the source for some quality rest and relaxation. It has been proven that replenishing our own energy stores will do wonders for the inspiration we may be missing that can simply stem from the common issue of burnout. Stepping back and detaching ourselves from our current project, no matter what that may be, will pay off at the end of the day.
  • In some instances, we need to merely change the perspective from which we are approaching whatever is in front of us. If we can confront the feelings of why we’re dreading something head-on then we can address them and subsequently reverse our interfering thought processes. Retraining our brains is the start of any good plan of action and will not only fuel our inspiration but also other facets of our lives.
  • Facing a task without any inspiration to fuel us can seem daunting for anyone. We often find ourselves staring up at the mountain we still have to climb and dreading it before we’ve even begun. One way to avoid this is to lose sight of the big picture and take it piece by piece. Halting our racing minds that can overanalyze the situations that we are in will give us a second to come up for air. Taking the time to sit and brainstorm possible paths forward can lead to a return of the inspiration we are desperately searching for in our lives
  • One way that works for many people, is to be vocal about what we’re struggling with in regards to our inspiration and a following absence of motivation. It never hurts to discuss with others what we are dealing with, personally or professionally, that can be detrimental to what we’re trying to accomplish. For the most part, others are more than happy to listen. Even if they can’t provide any solid solutions, it will invariably be helpful to speak into existence the internalized conflicts we are encountering.

Despite mainstream belief, inspiration doesn’t just strike us like lightning. We have to act with purpose to nourish it like we do our bodies. Only then will we find our inspiration consistently and the motivation that comes along with it.