This whole insane subject of gender fluidity is totally off the charts nowadays, and I would really prefer to just look the other way. It all makes me feel very old and old-fashioned. But since my 14-year old daughter is addicted to the YouTube channel of an extremely articulate young man, we’re going to get into it.

Richard Burgess of Vegan Gains on YouTube brings up some really valid points in his clip from 2016, called Gender Neutral Pronouns vs Vegan Gains. I know he doesn’t appreciate criticism, but I wish he would watch his language because our kids are watching. He also shouldn’t call other people stupid. But we’ll make an exception when he says it about the “Social Justice Warriors”, who are really lacking something very basic in their human makeup (“they think being offended is an argument.”)

I appreciated Richard’s clear explanation of the astonishing facts surrounding this issue. For instance, how the Social Justice Warriors are trying to get the upper hand through new legislation, namely the Bill C-16. “This bill makes it illegal for you to refer to someone using a pronoun that they don’t approve of. Under this new law that would be considered hate speech. If you refer to someone as ‘he’, when they prefer to be referred to as ‘she’, you’d be put in the same category as a Holocaust denier.” He goes on to explain that if you make the mistake of calling them by the wrong pronoun, you would need to pay a fine, and if you refuse, you can face spending time in jail. And it gets better. If the SJW’s want to be referred to by some pronoun they just made up, you have to comply or pay a fine, and can go to jail for not paying.

“They’re not just restricting you from using certain words, they’re forcing you to use certain words and change your use of language. And this has never been done before to protect any minority group, in any other social justice movement. No one ever banned the word ‘nigger’ so why do these trans people need special rights and privileges, that allow them to force you to use their use of language, when no other group has been granted that right before? It sounds very suspicious to me that a minority group wants to be granted special privileges that grant them power over others. That sort of sounds like something that would happen in an autocracy. But since this law is being passed to protect trans people from discrimination, we should ask ourselves if laws like Bill C-16 actually protect trans people from discrimination.”

Richard Burgess

I also read about rising cultural icon Jordan Peterson, a fellow Canadian. His rise to fame has been almost entirely based on the absurdity of these idiotic pronouns, which he refuses to use. The controversial Canadian professor and self-proclaimed free-speech warrior recently made headlines again for threatening to sue Cornell University assistant professor Kate Manne for defamation after she criticised his best-selling book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

To Each His/Her/Whatever Own

Now if all this doesn’t make you wonder, what is it about our messed up society that we are even having so many discussions about such ridiculous things? And yes, you can be whatever you want to be, that’s fine. But forcing other people to behave in a certain way, so that you can pursue your way of life, is simply wrong. Yet it seems to be a very powerful weapon for keeping the negative social energy flowing.

Even though we may appreciate the intellect and debating powers of these two men, I feel compelled to introduce some heavyweight insight from the world’s foremost Kabbalist, Michael Laitman, who explains why all this is happening. In a nutshell , we have reached a place in our evolution where our souls are yearning for something higher than what we have in this world.

But as long as people do not discover this new source of filling, they will continue to search for new ways to feel fulfilled in this corporeal world we live in. But in order to get the genuine satisfaction they seek, it is necessary for humanity to rise up to a higher level. At a higher level of our consciousness, we function above the human ego, which is the main problem for all the problems we see in the world today. At this higher level of connection we are in perfect harmony and in perfect sync with nature surrounding us.

“The growing gender neutrality movement of our times is a glaring symptom that we must fulfill our lack of spiritual identity. The war of the sexes that is all over the headlines, also demonstrates the strong need for reconciliation between the male and female elements within each of us. Every attempt to harmonize the male and female elements on the earthly level alone will fail.”

Michael Laitman, Why the Gender Neutrality Movement Reveals a Spiritual Need (The Soul Has No Gender)

A Man and Woman Form a Perfect Vessel for Reception

I’m not going to get deep into the wisdom of Kabbalah that I’ve been immersed in for two decades, but I will explain some basic gender related concepts. The foundation of all our social evolution is all laid out in the bible, with the key to our happiness coded into those biblical stories we all grew up hearing about.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is a science for deciphering the code and making sure that all of humanity can benefit from it. This is why Kabbalah is above all religions and faiths in our world. The entire spectrum of study is based on the relationships and interactions between male and female characters. We were created this way so that the connection between a male and a female would form the perfect vessel for receiving the light.

“Our female element is the part in us that desires to receive pleasure. The male element is the ability to receive pleasure in a way that benefits others. When one develops spiritually, these two aspects grow within him or her and achieve one unified action: receiving and giving full pleasure to the entire world. For “the human is the inclusion of male and female, and the world cannot be built, if male and female are not both present” (The Book of Zohar).”

Michael Laitman

You know how we say men are from mars and women are from venus? It’s true. We are built completely opposite to each other, but together we form the perfect vessel for receiving all the abundance nature has in store for us. Whoever wants to receive all the abundance should not waste their time debating all this nonsense, but should rather focus on finding a suitable spiritual partner for the spiritual path humanity is about to embark on.

And I would like to emphasize this point once again here, that you can be in any kind of adult relationship. As long as one partner represents the giving element and the other represents the receiving element, you are on the spiritual path. As a couple, any two souls can create a vessel for the light. All this is on the condition that you do not try to change other peoples’ behavior to suit your way of life. That is a big no no.

First Language in the World Was Not Gender Neutral

The original biblical language, and actually the first language spoken in the world was my country’s language, Hebrew. I’ve been living in Israel since the age of 12 so I’m fluent in Hebrew, and actually started learning it in Jewish school in Canada. It’s a pretty hard language to grasp, you now why? Because it’s all based on male and female nouns, verbs and adjectives, which can be extremely confusing. But when you start studying Kabbalah, you understand why the original language the code was provided in, is gender specific.

In the days of Babylon Hebrew was the only spoken language until the ego intensified slightly and some people decided to build the Tower of Babel. They thought it would bring them closer to God but all it did was create division in society. Sound familiar? This happened thousands of years ago and remember, our ego is constantly intensifying. Today we still have not discovered what we need to do with all this excess energy — so in the meantime we are using it in a negative way. If we understood how to arrange relations between males and females properly we could actually fix all the problems in our world.

So the moral of the story is — there are no shortcuts on the path to the next stage of our evolution. We must form a perfect connection between us in order to be in perfect sync with the force that created us. We may have formed all kinds of division in our society over the years, but we learn to rise above them once you get on the spiritual path. When we rise to a higher level of consciousness, which is where our real evolution takes place, we will see how we are all equal. We all have our special role in this process and it is above all these divisions we see with our eyes.

At the end of the day, the human soul has no gender — we are all broken parts of the common soul that have to find their way back to the mother ship.

“While remaining in the physical body, be it male or female, along with its sexual tendencies whatever they may be, the spiritual-self develops above the biological sex. In that state, the masculine and feminine elements which exist within each and every one of us come to complete each other harmoniously.”

Michael Laitman

What am I recommending? Ideally, we will all start focusing on our spiritual identity. We will transform our personal development into a platform for helping all of humanity move forward to a better place.

There is really only 1 Rule for Life As An Antidote to Chaos, and that is Love Thy Neighbor as Yourself. We need to rise above the human ego and learn to love others as much as we love ourselves. This is the key to realizing our true potential and making the world a sustainable place. This is also our legacy to the next generation who will surely not mess up the planet as much as we did.

We have the method to bring our world back into balance and Israel must share this method with the world. This is Israel’s role in global affairs and the entire purpose of its existence.

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