What if I told you you aren’t your thoughts?

Yes, crazy, but what if you found out you are the OBSERVER of every voice in your head and you can watch every thought as it travels through your mind? 

How?” you may ask. 

Well, if I told you to tell me what you’re thinking right now- perhaps this be a childhood memory- I would tell you that you have become aware of this thought in order to share it with me.

Okay and…?” 

So, just like that, you have the ability to step back and “watch” every thought that comes to your mind at anytime of day! Tell me, how are you feeling right now? 

I’ve been really sad and angry over my breakup last week.” 

Well, what if I told you that you are choosing to IDENTIFY with these emotions- with the sadness and anger? In reality, you are only experiencing these emotions. They are NOT you!

I’m confused..how are they not me? I AM sad and angry!” 

No, you are a human being experiencing a range of emotions on a daily basis! You may be feeling sadness and anger due to your thoughts about the breakup, but you can choose to become aware of this and “switch” your thoughts at any moment!

It does take time, and journaling, meditation, and other mindfulness exercises can help with developing this skill, remain patient with yourself. Does this make more sense?

“Oh, I think I get it…so I’m just the awareness behind my thoughts and emotions?”

Exactly! Consciousness has to exist before any emotion can. You are more than how you’re feeling in any given moment. I hope you are easier on yourself and take this presence with you moving forward.