Does it seem that life keeps throwing you curve balls? Trying to get to point ‘B’, but every which way you go you run into ANOTHER obstacle? Perhaps it is time to look closely at those obstacles and see them for what they really are, OPPORTUNITIES.

Change Your Attitude

Yes, you heard me. Miss pessimist became Miss optimistic realist- “there are no coincidences”.  Everything that happens in YOUR LIFE was meant to happen, the question is how you will CHOOSE to respond.

For years I responded with self-pity, blaming the world and pure and simple depression.  Then one day it dawned on me, my life was a DIRECT result of my attitude, which directly impacted my choices (response). 

Start Improving Your Health

When you realize that there is no one LEFT to blame and that there are only two choices, you start the process of your personal growth and improving your health.

2 Options When Faced With An Obstacle

  • QUIT (not the option I hope you will choose)
  • Find a SOLUTION (this is where your spiritual and emotional health begin to improve)

Twenty Things You Gain

The first thing to do is evaluate what happened to you because of those perceived “obstacles”.

  1. You learned new skills.
  2. You became creative, necessity is truly the mother of invention.
  3. You developed or honed your determination.
  4. You gained knowledge in areas where you were lacking.
  5. You grew as a person.
  6. You learned to appreciate the gifts you were blessed with.
  7. You began to understand the power of the mind.
  8. You came to appreciate why words can be your friend or your enemy.
  9. You learned that arrogance and pride can masquerade as helpful, when in reality they often lead to your downfall (you learned the value of humility).
  10. You learned that ‘no man is an island’ and as much as you wanted to ‘go it alone’, you needed help.
  11. You came to realize what has always been available and readily accessible for use (God’s strength).
  12. You accepted that perfection is an illusion and it’s OKAY to make mistakes.
  13. You learned to LOVE you, just as you are.
  14. You learned that you will still make mistakes; yet, it’s in making mistakes that you gained your greatest wisdom.
  15. You are stronger than you thought (with God’s help).
  16. You are more resilient than you previously believed.
  17. You are not as smart as you think and there is always more to learn.
  18. It’s okay to say, ‘I don’t know’.
  19. You learned that love is the greatest healer of all hurt; yet, to benefit from love, you must give it freely.
  20. Finally, you learned the valuable lesson, patience is more than a virtue, it is an absolute requirement for good health.

You Are Not Alone

You may be thinking that your obstacles are too much to overcome; yet, you are not alone.  Gain strength to go through your valleys with the knowledge that God is always with you.  Always remember God promises to never forsake you, protect you and fight your battles for you.  You only have to be obedient to His will and believe and trust in His love.

It is getting through those valleys, that you gain your greatest rewards. You recognize that those obstacles were meant for your good (your growth and success).