Often we’re discouraged because of some tough challenge or obstacle in our way. But a shift in mindset can help us to see the golden nuggets in the journey. It is in the process that we learn resilience, self-love, and persistence. These skills are essential for successful leaders who embody the fearless pursuit through obstacles and adversities in life.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” –John Maxwell

Leaders who live with a fearless approach and embrace the adventures in daily pursuits, are able to shape-shift and mold themselves into the leaders they truly desire to be.

Getting to this fearless pursuit of adventure requires a mindful perception. How leaders look at their specific problems, their attitude or approach, and what they decide those events will mean, becomes a source of strength or of great weakness. If they are emotional, reactive and shortsighted, they create false perceptions. To prevent becoming overwhelmed by the world around them, these leaders learn how to take a purposeful pause before coming to any conclusions about their circumstances. Otherwise, their passions could cloud their choices. It takes tremendous skill and discipline to stop the monkey mind in its tracks, to separate true perception from deceptive filters, and to let go of judgment, expectation, and fear. But doing so will change your life quickly. The process of pausing gives leaders time to clear the lens of illusions and to see with clarity and rational discernment. What is revealed is their truth. While others are excited or afraid, leaders who pause first can remain calm and composed in the face of uncertainty. They get to see things simply as they truly are—neither good nor bad.

Leaders who see the path as ‘the way’ also are able to let go of their control of the outcome. There is no grasping for anything other than the experience of the journey. When outcomes are less than desirable, these leaders are able to recognize there are no ‘mistakes’, and they embrace each opportunity to learn along the way. Their discernment enables them to take inspired action and flip their obstacles into stepping stones for growth.

Free will is the gift that allows us to see all obstacles as opportunities to triumph. We all create our reality 100%. No one said life was going to be easy and, the stakes are high at times, but the path is there for those ready to make the most out of life. What I’ve come to know is that life becomes filled with passion and vitality when you embrace your fears. Conquering a fear can be one of the most euphoric experiences we can have. Don’t believe me…try it for yourself. As we overcome terrifying circumstances, we see that it was our perception that held us back, not the act in itself. We have an unlimited potential that is often left untapped because our fears in life cause us to get in our own way. Allow fear to show you the way by showing you what isn’t the way.