Photo by ketan rajput on Unsplash

Moms are some of the most important leaders of our lives. They lead by being and serve by doing. It is through their love and nurturing, their compassion and understanding, and their willingness to be firm even when it tugs at their heart strings that shows us from a tender age what it means to be a great leader.

Moms are our first role models that give us a glimpse into the real world and the importance of being our true selves. They instill in us the beliefs and confidence that we can be anything we want, achieve anything we want, and create the life that we want.

Moms work tirelessly to demonstrate the important life lessons that will serve us into adulthood and beyond. The embody the true essence of selfless giving instilling in each of us the importance of helping others. They are the support system we come to cherish as we look back and remember they were always in our corner, always accepting of who we are just as we are. They stood on the sidelines or in the shadows giving us space to discover who we were as an individual.

Moms are the ones we knew we could count on no matter what sticky situations we found ourselves. They stood near in case we needed their guidance but just enough out of reach so that we could stretch and grow, take responsibility for our actions, and become our unique selves in the process. They are the great leaders of our lives that teach us how to be strong and soft, assertive not aggressive, independent but not alone, and loving, kind, and gentle to everyone in our path.

Moms are some of the greatest leaders who are seldom officially recognized for all their efforts, sacrifice, and tireless dedication that make each of us the individuals we are today.

If my only success in life is that of a leader, a role model, a support to others, then I can think of no greater tribute to all the moms in my life.