Have you noticed that sometimes, your best friendships are those where even if it’s been awhile since you’ve seen each other, you know the friendship is still strong and that at anytime you can connect and it’s going to be great?

That’s my relationship with running. I started running as a young kid on the mildly hilly country roads where I grew up in Boring, Oregon (yes that’s really the name of the town). Over the years I’ve lost touch with running only to reconnect again and again.

In my 40s I became a distance runner and over the last 9 years the relationship has been at it’s strongest. I’ve run 10 half-marathons, a couple of full marathons and many 5Ks and 10Ks. Not to mention the hundreds of training miles I’ve logged.

With my recent health issues (see my blog posts for more info), I’ve barely been able to run more than 1 day a week even missing weeks at a time. Though one thing hasn’t changed: my identity as a runner. No matter if I’m logging 50 miles in a week or 3, I still consider myself a runner. This is crucial. When my clients are getting started with establishing healthy habits I encourage them to make their habits part of their identity. Then even if there are times when the habit isn’t consistent it isn’t given up for good. For me running has become way more than an exercise routine it’s now a lifestyle.

Recently, as I logged my one run for the week, I focused on all of the gifts that running continues to bestow on me. Frankly there are too many to count but they are worth remembering.

  • Time in nature (crucial for my mental and physical health)
  • Friends (oh my gosh the amazing people I’ve met and become friends with!)
  • Experiencing new places on foot, which gives me a whole different point of view as opposed to say, driving
  • Lifestyle
  • Health & Wellness career (seriously running led to a healthier lifestyle and eventually my career as a coach.)
  • Improved mental health
  • Community (one of my favorite things is exchanging, smiles, waves or head nods from other runners while out for a run or casual conversations with other runners at a race and finally the amazing support and encouragement runners show each other)

could go on and on, just ask my friends and family. So what about you? Do you have healthy habits or routines that fulfill you? If not, now is the time to create one. Whether it’s running or something else get out there and find your thing!

I’d love to hear what nourishes you. Please hop over to my facebook page or leave me comment below and tell me all about it!

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  • Colleen Cleary

    HHC, Founder of The Cleary Method

    Colleen Cleary is a certified holistic health coach, healthy habits expert, and independent rep with Zyia Activewear working in Portland, Oregon. She founded The Cleary Method to give her clients tools and strategies around mindset, healthy habits & nutrition so they can ditch dieting and get results that stick. In her off time she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Jim, 3 kids Jonathan, Sophie and Maddie, friends and BRFs in the local running group she manages. She also loves running and racing, trying new recipes, camping, traveling, chai tea and dark chocolate. Learn more about Colleen and her coaching practice at colleencleary.net