The thirst for adventure has always been in my blood. I knew that the world is mine for the taking. The need to go somewhere interesting, meet important people and do another check-off-my-bucketlist activity are some things that were just around the corner for me to do and explore.

My ever-so handsome matinee-idol-looking dad must had a coronary busted when his 9-year old asked him an age old question of what was out there beyond the comfort bubble he created for me, for us – his family.

Growing up, I am a hundred percent sure I gave both my parents a lot of first degree wrinkles especially when i adamantly gave off warning signs of seeing the world beyond our small town. I was dreaming of a world not made of savages and kings but of a world of chess board like games and power plays, of deception and war flits.

Who does that anyway? Can a seemingly old soul child think of such predicaments?

Nevertheless, the idea of staying in one place did not ever cross my mind. If it did so, well, then let us just say I shoved it back to the imaginary safety deposit box where it came from primarily because uniformity gave me symptoms of cleithrophobia.

I wanted to see the world through the shape of my cheval glass. Do things differently. Show the world that island girls can break impossibilities too.

Obviously so, my idea of forever has always been that of a certain Ivy League diploma hanging on my off-white painted office wall with the happy faces of my family and inner circle sitting proudly on the console table beneath the famous frame.

Remembering all those Sleepless nights, ditching plans with friends on certain weekends, and family members not knowing where I was while i had been living on suitcases and world maps were part of my reading list. These were all done to ensure a preferred opportunity would land on my lap on a silver platter in a not distant future.

15 years after my high school graduation, everything I knew I wanted was right in front of me. Each one of them were within hand’s reach. Perspicuously, I knew exactly where and what I was supposed to be.

Everything. Mine. All of it. I was happy. I am happy. Am I really happy? Everything. Mine.

Until You.