Many employees are facing burnout nowadays. There is a rise in burnout among all types of workers, it’s not just impacting doctors and nurses anymore. Burnout not only hinders the life of the employee, but it affects business for the employer as well. A survey by Gallup Daily found that only 32% of US employees felt engaged. Having engaged employees will not only improve their lives but the success of the business as well. One way businesses are attempting to curb burnout and increase engagement amongst their employees is with expansive employee benefits programs. These days there are so many kinds of benefits offered to employees, from traditional to very unique. Here are some uncommon benefits that help keep your employees from suffering from burnout.

Errand Runner

A very unique employee benefit that is beginning to pop up is errand running. Millennials are becoming increasingly burned out. One opinion piece on the subject touched on “errand paralysis,”  the inability to complete simple errands as a result of burnout from work. Millennials can be very successful in their professional life and still have an endless list of incomplete errands because they do not have very much added benefit to their life. One way to combat this stressor is with an errand runner. A major law firm in Atlanta offers employees an onsite errand runner to help give their employees the ability to stress less and perform well at work.


The reason why so many employees are so burned out is because of the stress of the job and the lack of time to truly rest and reset. Burnout is the cause of an estimated $125 billion to $190 billion in health care spending each year, making a sabbatical a very worthwhile investment into employees. Time spent away from work, is a chance to de-stress and either go on a trip or just relax at home. It gives employees the ability to choose their form of relaxation and spend the necessary amount of time reducing worries and improving focus when they return.

Although it may seem a bit daunting or even too costly to offer these benefits, there has been proven results behind preventing burnout in employees. When your workers are happy, engaged, and less stressed, they will perform better and give your company the best chances for success.