One of the questions or statements that many grievers get is ‘Your still grieving?’ As if after 1 year your suppose to be ungrieft (no that isn’t a word)?

What is misunderstood is that TIME has something to do with your grief journey? Truth is: IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. As a matter of fact let me dispel all of the things that we’ve heard.

  1. Time heals all wounds-UNTRUE
  2. Your loved one is in a better place-WORDS THAT DO NOT COMFORT US.
  3. You will be alright-WILL WE?

Just to name a few that have been given us the ‘dismiss my feelings’ type of vibe. We are honestly tired of that. It is time to live beyond.

Huh? Live beyond? Yes, as a support or a listening ear it is time to Live Beyond! How do you do that?

  1. Hey (insert name) I am heading out to grab something to eat and I would love for you to come with me. I have something to run past you.
  2. Hey (insert name) I know we are social distancing and all. I haven’t seen you in a while so are you free Friday for us to talk on zoom?
  3. Did you see what I saw on the news? Tiffany Haddish cut her hair off and she looks fabulous. (conversation starter)

What do you notice? Not once did I mention or focus on their loss. The truth is we want to know we have support and love. Although the beginning of the question or statement doesn’t ask the typical ‘How are you doing?’ question the loss may still come up later in the conversation or it may not come up at all.

However, the conversation or time goes we appreciate. I wanted to share some resources that have personally helped me. Resources that you can ask questions or become a part of there community.

Here are 7 Instagram pages that are great resources for those who are grieving as well as those who are supporting us as we grieve.

  • Griefcase-with over 12 k followers they give tips and truths about loss and grief. They also have monthly online meetups. Check Griefcase out on Instagram

  • My Grief Connection-A resource for those who are suicide and sibling survivors who connect you to healing through tools and tips in our community. Go check out there Instagram
  • Grief Reiki-Are you looking for another alternative to release your grief and start healing? Reiki is a great resource and this page has supported a lot of grievers like myself. Go check them out Instagram.
  • Grief Coach-This is a personalized text service that will send you text to support you along your grief journey. This is a yearly membership and is under $100. Go check them out on Instagram.
  • The Grief Gang-This is a podcast whose purpose is to normalize grief. On this page and on the podcast you will get tips and tools on how to navigate through this journey. Go check them out Instagram.
  • The Grief Network-A community by and for young people (teens/20s/30s). Yes, young people friend too. This page is a huge resource for our future. Go check them out on Instagram.
  • Learning About Grief-a resource to uncovering grief to those who don’t understand it and building up those who do with comfort. Check them out on Instagram.
Pexels: Hamann La

Every day we are faced with grief from our personal story to societal loss to other losses we are walking this journey EVERY SINGLE DAY. Each day looks different and our grief feels different. It doesn’t take away the pain or us mourning in full effect. We ask that as we struggle to give ourselves grace that you give us grace too. Yes, we still grieving our losses and no we will never get over it.

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