When you venture into any University campus, you will be surprised as to the kind of people you will meet. You may just never know who you are connected to, or the type of scenery you may come across. Events and intriguing things manage to pop up all of the time. And, of course, there is the world of music. When music ?? comes to perform on a University campus, you know that Heaven’s domain is celebrated with laughter and delight. At the American University in Cairo, the architecture of the campus spacing is filled with a special aura, experienced through the realms of delight.

Music ?? is created with a level of eloquence and beauty. It embodies all sensory, as it relates to taste, touch, smell, hear, and sight. And then, there is the opera. When the opera is able to perform within a particular setting, there is a celebration of magic with the Universe. At the American University in Cairo’s New Cairo campus, there is a level of serenity and enchantment in fiction’s reality. If you are to venture into the world of the opera, then the nighttime is a special time for being among music’s ?? company. And then, there are those lively individuals, who come to re-connect with others. They are kind, loving, gentle, and filled with the wellness of love’s decor. They, too, venture to experience the beauties of joy and awakening. One of the most enchanting atmospheres of the opera, is its ability to create a long-lasting atmosphere into the creative sector. Operas have a particular magic about them, which sprays magical perfumes, throughout a given time and space. When you place such within desert spacing, a person moves forward in knowing just how beautiful and holistic a space may be. There is a particular whisper, surrounding the desert. So, when you place an institution of higher learning into an auspicious setting, as a desert, one is likely to experience music ?? to a whole other level.

One of the great things about the Metropolitan Opera House, live screenings at the American University in Cairo is that it gives ample opportunity to see staff and professors outside of regular working hours. Seeing them as human, and having other interests, outside of their professional careers. Observing professors and staff in a social manner makes life worth living. Furthermore, it moves to paint certain elements of love and life. Interacting with students and seeing professors move in a different manner softens the confines of the University realm, while adding a manner of gentility to the mix. When love and family are brought to the table, there is another way of seeing knowledge, and the creation of knowledge, in another perspective.

So, on that faithful night, for another live screening from the Metropolitan Opera House, I had come across the one and only, Dr. Ola Morsy-Chief Clinical Counselor and Adjunct Professor of the American University In Cairo. Accompanying her was her daughter. Together, you had a holistic representation of the Madonna and Child. Of course, it was of the Egyptian persuasion. Beautiful, intrinsic, holistic, and kind, they represented that healthy pairing of mother and daughter. Showcasing those sacred traditions of Mother passing on life’s teachings to daughter. And yes, music ??is one of them! What makes the time even more auspicious is the presence of maneuvering through the aesthetics of music, within an open spacing. The acoustics are phenomenal. Furthermore, it becomes an atmosphere of learning to move and build through the context of open spacing.

Standing outside in the tranquility of a desert’s night, a person has to ponder and reflect upon that very moment. What it is like? What must it be like to leave a spacing, where music ??? has provided scented perfumes to the area, only to step outside and hear traces of its Being, outside? How does that feel? I’ll tell you how it feels. It feels Divine! It feels as if you have stepped outside, and are experiencing an outside palace, in the Universe. That’s what such an experience was, for that night. On a greater scale is when you share this experience with fellow, beautiful Spirits around you. Its such people who appreciate music and the performing arts because they understood the therapy within them. Its a precious world. Its a sacred one. On an even deeper level, it’s why we come to treasure the very meaning of life.

So, on that special night of January 7, 2017, the performance of Nabucco happened outside of the American University In Cairo’s Malak Gabr Theater, at the New Cairo campus. It was an eloquent time, and a special time. After the time was over, it was only necessary to capture ourselves in time. It was the right and eloquent thing to do. For on that night, I was photographed with an Egyptian version of the Madonna and Child.

(Photograph By AUC Visitor; Edits By Lauren Clark)

When I think of Dr. Ola Morsy, and her presence for that very night, I often reflect on her image there, as a metaphor for music, and the wellness of the mind. As a psychologist, at the American University In Cairo, I imagine that conversation coming up, among herself and colleagues. I envision discussions of music ?? therapy, and the power of music in healing the mind. In fact, if we could actually paint masterpieces of the mind and music, what would they look like? How would such be filled with the beauties of mind and magic? Wouldn’t that be a phenomenal masterpiece? How would you observe the mind, taking on a mental journey through music, and its healing decor? What type of paintings, sculptures, designs, and others would we observe in a brain’s mental healing?

Another thought, glowing through my mind, is the blessing of moving in another realm of time. Imagine how music and the mind partners together to move through the cleansing nectars of fiction, and bringing it into reality! Imagine the legacy of such a blessing! After all, whoever stated that reality and fiction had to live separately? Whoever decided that they are restricted from work interchangeably? Now, that’s a fascination, in its own right. After all, in the work and performance of Nabucco, the audience observes numerous incidents of music ??? and the mind. Its a necessary trait for one’s own delight.

There was another Egyptian dame, who joined us in this captured moment. She and I had met before in the Spirit of comic writing and drawing; a maiden dressed in hints of green. It represented the gardens and paradise, which shows itself, throughout campus spacing. The myriad vegetation, florals, and greenery that highlights our arena brings up another issue. How does music, memory, and nature work simultaneously to guide one another? What are the 3 components in the guidance of mental healing? That’s another range of depth to master. Is it possible that our Being removed from nature’s elixir provides us with the power to navigate the confusion associated with mental illness? Pause. Let’s reflect on that for some time. Slowing down and reflecting on that level of artistry, that we allow ourselves to maneuver through. Even more enchanting, what is so special about the color, green? How does it draw us into a deeper level with Earth’s intrinsic richness than we could have ever imagined? That’s another issue needing to be analyzed. Of course, we can go into further depth, for another occasion. For now, we’ll stick with the treasures of that night.

(Photograph By Dr. Ola Morsy; Edits By Lauren Clark)

It was a real treasure to observe Dr. Ola Morsy and her daughter, together, in the comforts of the music. We have seen images of such all over the world. Yet, when we see replications of them, in the living, breathing flesh-while being in music’s ?? company, there is a delightful treat to bestow, indeed. Again, we remember the element of social artistry, and how operas permit us to re-experience them, consistently. It is a transition into how we traditionally observe University spaces. We speak of scholarship, and knowledge taught on University spacing. Nevertheless, there is a way in which we move throughout the spatial nourishment of campus gardens, where we can experience music. Placing the actual celebration and performance of music ??? with mental health, and the sacred contract of the mind. It moves through a particular rhythm and paints fantastical pictures for our realities. That’s one of the most beautiful blessings ❤️ when matching music with mental wellness.

(Photograph By AUC Visitor; Edits By Lauren Clark)

So, as we guide towards a unique re-introduction of scholarship on campus. Let’s be clear that it lays outside of the textbooks. There are different mechanisms regarding the delights of a person’s musical decor. When a person learns to move through certain experiences, a unique element comes to life. Live screenings of the Metropolitan Opera House, at the American University In Cairo, add further nutrition to the artistry of the mind and music. They provide us with a deeper sense of self, and where we are in the very aesthetics of music. Furthermore, how does music ??? see us? What is its understanding and comprehension of the human mind? Is it in love with humanity, as we are in love with her? I think its fair to say that the love is mutual.

After the screening of Nabucco, there were further questions to be explored. Are the reasons for mental illness due to much of humanity, having lost touch with the relevance of music ??? in its healing journey? Has humanity lost its way in the performance of healing? And, if so, how can music ?? lead the way to guide us back? Now, that is one journey, ahead! Until then, I wish you well in mental, maternal, medicine of music ??!

(Photograph By AUC Visitor; Edits By Lauren Clark)


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