Cleanliness is said to be the first next to godliness. What we all can observe is that a clean environment promotes productivity and safety hand-in-hand. I was burned on-site at my last place of employment by way of a random mishap when using a torch. My work area was clean but the accident still took place. The first questions asked by the team leaders pertained to my well-being, the environment, and safety equipment. I understand that legally, the questions must be asked for the accountability and protection. Immediately after my accident, more safety equipment was available to help prevent another incident and also to provide comfort. They always made sure that safety and cleanliness are a priority. As organizations strive to have lower statistics in liabilities, team members also seek the best teams to join that ensure their safety alongside healthier atmospheres. In order for companies and organizations to thrive in the future, cleanliness and workplace safety will be a “Must Have” in order to promote workplace wellness.

The pandemic pause brought us to a moment of collective reckoning about what it means to live well and to work well. As a result, employees are sending employers an urgent signal that they are no longer willing to choose one — life or work — at the cost of the other. Working from home brought life literally into our work. And as the world now goes hybrid, employees are drawing firmer boundaries about how much of their work comes into their life. Where does this leave employers? And which perspectives and programs contribute most to progress? In our newest interview series, Working Well: How Companies Are Creating Cultures That Support & Sustain Mental, Emotional, Social, Physical & Financial Wellness, we are talking to successful executives, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders, and thought leaders across all industries to share ideas about how to shift company cultures in light of this new expectation. We’re discovering strategies and steps employers and employees can take together to live well and to work well.

As a part of this series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Oh Yeah of Oh Yeah Beats.

Oh Yeah is music producer and artist who focuses on highlighting and uplifting others with his crafts in songwriting and composing. He is bringing back the incredible trend of theme songs to focus on individuals and organizations in hopes of creating better business practices for everyone. He believes that music is a great way of bringing together multiple communities with inclusion and positivity.

Thank you for making time to visit with us about the topic of our time. Our readers would like to get to know you better. Tell us about a formative experience that prompted you to change your relationship with work and how work shows up in your life.

Itis such an honor to be here with you! One impactful experience that encouraged me to change my relationship with work was when I had the realization of both a talent and responsibility. In the past, I have been told about the great skills songwriting and composing. When my talent and responsibility met was with me creating my first few theme songs. The experience that my audience was being left with was mesmerizing and moving. One of the highlighted individuals in a theme song told me that I should continue doing just this exact delivery for others. Immediately following a few others, I was told that I definitely “do my homework” and again emphasized on my delivery. What this told me is that I have a unique ability to identify the skills and contributions of others to the communities in which they serve. I knew that this would create more awareness for the message of others and “understood the assignment”, pun intended. What I understand is that I have the responsibility to continue bringing out the incredible impact of others for all to see. This is a great contribution to society and a model to demonstrate healthy business practices for the success of all parties through my music. I will do this whether it is a customer or a complete stranger because every individual has incredible value worth mentioning throughout a song. With my talent and responisbility, I now make sure more than ever the music will reach the listener and urge their finger to press rewind. Now work aligns more with my core value because it is more than a job.

Harvard Business Review predicts that wellness will become the newest metric employers will use to analyze and to assess their employees’ mental, physical and financial health. How does your organization define wellness, and how does your organization measure wellness?

Oh Yeah Beats defines wellness as the overall state of being and awareness of that particular state that enables the self-empowerment to move along. How wellness is measured is by taking a look at the quality of a person’s attentiveness, observing their workload, checking on matters that may be underlining. Furthermore, this is measured with routine monitoring and “check-ins”. Some instances prove that some can move along towards success, while others prove individuals to remain stagnant. I believe that any human has the capability to fully perceive the overall wellness of another that includes the level of happiness and content, visions and goals, and comfort. It is again the responsibility of each individual to know exactly how others are doing so we all can contribute to creating a better sense of community and a better world as a whole. As a business, a brand, but more importantly a human, I am consistently checking on the well-being of my family and friends.

Based on your experience or research, how do you correlate and quantify the impact of a well workforce on your organization’s productivity and profitability?

The way that I measure the impact of my organization’s productivity and profitability is through the reactions of my clients and fanbase. The two have been growing exponentially and as they expand, the promotions from fans and clients have flooded platforms and industries of communities that my products and services cater. Most recently, I created a theme song for a community in Hollywood that incorporates true inclusion. A vast majority of the group is influenced and the result is continuous promotion and advertisement with that song on repeat. I observe each music production with the formal introductory of a client and determine throughout the process of creation the aimed projection and impact with previous productions, which also helps me stay the course. I can tell by broad observations of music streams alone just how impactful the work created is becoming to the world. This is my encouragement and “ante up” for repetitive delivery that will give my organization the greatest returns on investments.

Even though most leaders have good intentions when it comes to employee wellness, programs that require funding are beholden to business cases like any other initiative. The World Health Organization estimates for every $1 invested into treatment for common mental health disorders, there is a return of $4 in improved health and productivity. That sounds like a great ROI. And, yet many employers struggle to fund wellness programs that seem to come “at the cost of the business.” What advice do you have to offer to other organizations and leaders who feel stuck between intention and impact?

The greatest advice I have to offer to the other organizations regarding the matter of wellness of everyone, is to “STOP MAKING EXCUSES!”. Many organizations understand the expense aspect with new programs and plans as they should, respectfully. The completely committed aspect is the true return on the investment for all parties and the reputation of the organization itself. The morale of employees is revitalized and can potentially bring back feelings of when some members were in on their first day with the Organization. More of the work atmosphere will embody atoms of positivity because they may be more aware that their supervisors care for the human in them all. The word “cheap” alone comes along with a stack of negative connotations such as “aggravating, pushy, manipulative, demeaning, patronizing”… the list goes on as we all remember a time so unpleasant working for someone else in the past. With the negative associations to cheap feelings of resentment, regret, or rage can fill one’s mindset. We have seen in recent news articles the acts of violence and aggravation that can certainly take place due to the stress that we all are taking on without much positive outlets for venting and having a reset. The stigma of offering help for anyone in need still exists and it feels like workforce is still doing bare minimum for reasons that could possibly include “just for the appearance”, to say they have programs but not reinforce them for those who SEEK the onsite hand, and others that may be unknown. I suggest to organizations that may be known for having this false sense of reality and cognition of its members to stop “faking it” and “False-Flagging”. Instead, truly step in to help others as it will help yourself GREATLY. This will also make your foundation stronger and more concrete for new members in your future. Think of everyone and exactly how the future can be more positive for a huge return. That is my advice.

Speaking of money matters, a recent Gallup study reveals employees of all generations rank wellbeing as one of their top three employer search criteria. How are you incorporating wellness programs into your talent recruitment and hiring processes?

While I am not hiring currently, I do still reinforce the focus of everyone’s wellbeing and I do this through all practices of business and engagement. I do this in hopes of encouraging the ones eager to bring that same energy that they came to me with. Again, I want to reiterate how the wellness of others is what matters to me for the success and productivity to truly be maximized. This is one great reason why my Theme Songs have been a big focus and sensation in the recent months. With each theme song, I am able to truly bring out the brightest highlights of others for recognition and influence. The effects are consistently empowering to the highlighted individuals and others around that witness the magic taking place. I have also discovered incredible bonds and business interactions due to the delivery of the theme songs. Organizations are at least introduced to each other for the potential of business ventures and collaborations, no matter the industry. I strive to create as many opportunities for others as possible with the mindset that a better world is being created with the help from my music. I am making sure that everyone can witness the numerous efforts to increase the wellbeing of others, It is a part of my business and certainly a large portion of my brand.

We’ve all heard of the four-day work week, unlimited PTO, mental health days, and on demand mental health services. What innovative new programs and pilots are you launching to address employee wellness? And, what are you discovering? We would benefit from an example in each of these areas.

  • Mental Wellness:
  • Emotional Wellness:
  • Social Wellness:
  • Physical Wellness:
  • Financial Wellness:

For mental wellness, I consistently check-in with my team members. It is vital to have awareness of everyone on your team (no matter the organization or project) for work to be accepted and taken on.

With social wellness in mind, I practice to remind my team and circle to remain in contact with their loved ones and trusted few. This encourages bonding among many that push for stability of their support system. This triggers more positivity though the subconscious state of having reliable support.

Physical wellness is improved through consistent physical activity on a repetitive schedule, I find it extremely valuable to offer support through the physical wellness aspect. This is done through buying the team smoothies of their preference, planning a group walk, or a simple task such as a break in the day for stretching and “in-place” jumping jacks. These types of activities condition the heart rate and blood circulation. I want everyone to be as physically healthy as each one can be.

Financial wellness seems to always be a journey but I often promote the “PAY-IT-FORWARD” gesture. In the groups formed, a small yet huge gesture of picking up the tab for coffee in the morning can put a smile on everyone’s face. I want everyone to know about options of making money, saving money, and not spending so much money on things in each person’s life. With this in mind, I ask about the large and small goals for projected years and offer the advice from experience that I have. My suggestions are often considered and taken but what matters is the conversation being held to have the entire team “ahead of the storms” that may come with life’s surprises.

Down to emotional wellness, I love looking into the soul of each individual. I let the teams know that I am a set of ears and eyes. I listen and “see” all of the members. One thing that is most common in my opinion across the globe, is that we all want to be seen, heard, and felt (understood). I always want to make my team have comfort in this concept. It is imperative to understand what people are going through and dealing with so the team members can adjust accordingly. Much more can be accomplished if leaders and members everywhere are more considerate to the events and circumstances individuals face.

Each of these aspects are applied not through program, but instead through daily practice. I have witnessed more positivity alongside the eager will to take on tasks (present and future). More than ever, I am seeing humans come together for incredible opportunities.These values of wellness I just mentioned make up successful “teamwork” and great teamwork truly makes the “Dream” work.

Can you please tell us more about a couple of specific ways workplaces would benefit from investing in your ideas above to improve employee wellness?

Certainly. I want to touch on the population depression statistics. In recent news headlines, there have been reports of workplace violence and household stress increases that are contributing to the violent streaks and suicide rates that seem to be increasing. This is more transparent during the pandemic. With tragic incidents taking place including the mass shooting, brutality occurences, and even someone getting slapped at the oscars, it is important to have productive conversations regarding people’s feelings and triggers. This is also a great opportunity to cover the topic of “Boundaries and Comprehension”. The conversations must be held for the overall improvement of HUMAN SENSIBILITY of others to understand how to approach and delegate during times under pressure and when everything is sitting calm. What it also provides is better sense of Safety and Security. In attempts to improve overall wellness of team members, the environment as a whole will be improved with potential for more positivity. I think that one concern that many workplace members have is with the safety of their well-being in the work environment.

How are you reskilling leaders in your organization to support a “Work Well” culture?

The Best approach for “re-skilling” leaders in my group and across industries is through encouraging “Collaboration over Competition”. Applying this practice encourages others to discover new talents of their own and new ways of being productive in networking, while working towards the original goal. Through the practice, the ultimate and common goal is for everyone to win. Furthermore, a great way to collaborate is simply by finding the best way that our own talents can compliment our teammates. A great example, for instance, is how I now collaborate with a Voice-Over artist and accomplish the goal of theme songs. The expertise of a voice-over artist is in wording, annunciation, and specific tones. It was a great idea I had to collaborate on theme songs to “highlight” parts of the songs and also allow for an opportunity for the artist to be truly introduced to the music industry. The reality is that the two of us are now interconnected across both industries for more exposure and success. I am already doing this with individuals mentioned in the theme songs but the exposure is rapid. I expect more individuals to find and apply similar methods of attaining goals in mind in order to “work well”.

Ideas take time to implement. What is one small step every individual, team or organization can take to get started on these ideas — to get well?

In order to “get well”, I believe that it really takes time on everyone’s behalf. Honestly, the “getting well” or “getting better” (improving) process takes time. Improvements and paths of correction aren’t overnight sensations. With time, patience, and the will (or personal drive) to improve and perfect some aspects in what is considered to be “wellness”. What I have learned in life is that all processes require time, whether the amount is small of large. Taking time will allow someone to truly evaluate an entire situation along with the best ways to approach them for resolution and success. I see that when people are in a rush (what you may witness today everywhere, also) and very little is successfully accomplished without the presence of predominant chaos. The best idea that I know everyone can apply step-by-step is to take your time.

What are your “Top 5 Trends To Track In the Future of Workplace Wellness?”

• Having Team Leaders to step in for more than moral support.

Quite often the work environment can feel very distant from “humane”, which leaves teams to think that only “work” is welcome. I worked for a big local government organization that had a few management step up and ask if I needed anything. This was a moment of relief in a day filled with stress. To have a team leader (who constantly assigns tasks to you) ask if you need something is rare but such a wonder. I felt like I could speak up if I needed help in the future. This is also a combative tactic to the common “Micro management” that many are uneasy with. It is always good to know that even your team leader is in your corner while you work towards success. This will definitely be something to look for in the workplace everywhere.

• Maintaining a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Cleanliness is said to be the first next to godliness. What we all can observe is that a clean environment promotes productivity and safety hand-in-hand. I was burned on-site at my last place of employment by way of a random mishap when using a torch. My work area was clean but the accident still took place. The first questions asked by the team leaders pertained to my well-being, the environment, and safety equipment. I understand that legally, the questions must be asked for the accountability and protection. Immediately after my accident, more safety equipment was available to help prevent another incident and also to provide comfort. They always made sure that safety and cleanliness are a priority. As organizations strive to have lower statistics in liabilities, team members also seek the best teams to join that ensure their safety alongside healthier atmospheres. In order for companies and organizations to thrive in the future, cleanliness and workplace safety will be a “Must Have” in order to promote workplace wellness.

• Encouraging friendly competitions for personal health gains.

There are many great programs and methods to promote and encourage team members to get ahead of their physical health management. One effective method is in healthy competitions. Also at my last place of employment, was a program called “Virgin Pulse” that offered rewards and gifts for competing in friendly battles for your overall health. I loved the app because I received free watches, amazon gift card money, and I was even able to donate some of the money earned to reputable charities of my choice. Many of the team members participated but everyone was a winner in some form whether it pertained to their weight loss, or first place nationally in gathering steps.

• Executing team outings outside of work schedules.

I know that my wife worked for a firm that always takes their members out of the country. After busy, exhausting, and annoying seasons, the firm saw it in their best interest to take everyone out to a company trip to celebrate as a family, They encourage everyone to bring their family for gratitude, fun, and relaxation. In some instances regarding food and drinks, they even picked up the bill. Talk about paradise… They only ask the firm had on the trip is that you would bring your family to the “family night dinner”, where the awards and announcements were given. This would take place over weekends but they also encouraged some to extend the days if their workload and schedule permitted. This will always boost and maintain the workplace morale for all of the team members. Time away when “time off” is an incredible contribution to the workplace wellness.

• Initiating annual/ bi-annual training.

We never have enough training in my opinion. I apply this to every field. I am so thankful that a majority of workplaces in the past sent me on day/ week trips for exciting training events. There is always one field that can often be improved or perfected. Having team leaders send members off to further the education of their expertise is a great feeling because it says “directly” the organization sees and wants the best from you. I have been to my home state, Colorado, with other places such as Lansing, Michigan. I made sure to bring my camera for the learning experience and also for memories of the amazement in the opportunity presented by leadership. I returned back to the original workplace with more knowledge and understanding, plus some “tricks up my sleeve” tips that can potentially save another teammate’s day. Continuing to send team members to training is a great investment anywhere for workplace wellness.

What is your greatest source of optimism about the future of workplace wellness?

Where I see the greatest potential for success in workplace wellness is with the quality of the work environment. We all have witnessed heightened awareness of the cleanliness during the pandemic. I see more people taking note of the quality of their environments, wherever they are. For this reason, I am led to believe that organization leaders are taking notes too. Many establishments that we all frequent have hand sanitizer dispensers and some even offer gloves and masks. I am witnessing custodial staffs present and taking care of the entire establishment throughout the business hours. It is a universal understanding that the environmental conditions can present an aid or a liability to workplace wellness. An organization practicing clean and safe habits basically lays down a welcome mat to the best customers and team members. I strongly believe that success and productivity follow behind workplace cleanliness. I see things only moving upward with this in mind. I commend the cleaning staff and services everywhere for all of their efforts in contributing to the teams and their success.

Our readers often like to continue the conversation with our featured interviewees. How can they best connect with you and stay current on what you’re discovering?

I look forward to sharing a plethora of wonders with the world. Readers can discover more from myself across my website “Ohyeahbeats(dot)com and social media with handle “@Ohyeahbeats”. Though incredibly busy, I still take time to post on Instagram and Twitter a few projects (present and future). I can’t wait to meet all of the readers. I don’t believe you will regret stopping by my pages as I believe in uplifting others and empowering as many as I can, including you!

Thank you for sharing your insights and predictions. We appreciate the gift of your time and wish you continued success and wellness.

I am so honored to be a part of this series and thank you all as well. Success and wellness is ours for the taking!