I was failing at the most important thing, which was time with my family. I always brought all the stress from work home, which made me miss the best moments. It affected me in what was most important, moments with my family that are not repeated and stages that we miss in our children because they grow up too quickly. At work we are focused all day on one area, and we need mental clarity to be able to provide excellent service to our patients. Situations occur in which we become tense and arrive home tired, and then work on household chores. 

I decided to participate in the Thrive Challenge since I needed help to give me the tips and advice to make the necessary changes I needed in my life. 

I started with the Microsteps that the app gave me, such as breathing deeply when I feel stressed to relax again. This way it was possible to restart my day.

I love sweets and soda, so I tried to replace that with healthy things. 

Thanks to the Thrive Challenge, I have managed to drink more water during my day. Now I also eat whole wheat bread instead of regular bread, water instead of sodas or juices, and fruits or dark chocolate so I’m not tempted to eat sweets after meals. In addition to that, I choose not to eat anything heavy after 6 pm. I feel much better, and if it’s good for my health, it’s worth the sacrifice. I have also managed to save a little because I no longer buy fast food lunch every day.

The change in my life has been incredible. 

I do my best to be present with my family, especially my children. I can enjoy all of life’s stages, which are moments that must be taken advantage of. I enjoy ball games with my son, I study with my children, and I am with them at their school activities. Definitely thanks to Thrive’s advice I can enjoy more time with my family and the most important people in my life, who are my children.

I try to go to bed at the same time as my children after finishing their homework. 

We proceed to turn off all technological equipment and the television to rest better. It is very important to rest the hours necessary to have a productive day in my professional and personal life.

I have definitely changed my mindset after the Thrive challenge. 

It has helped me prioritize and, for me, the priority in my life is my children, their education, and their future. I would say that the Thrive Challenge changed my life in two areas: the priorities in my life, which are my family and my workplace, and the help in my personal life. For me, the Thrive Challenge means having an opportunity to achieve new challenges and achieve new goals in your life. If you put your mind to it you will achieve it!

— Olga De Jesus Perez, Walmart Supercenter #2346, Toa Baja, PR; $5K Winner