Olivia Genevieve

One of the challenges online business owners face is overcoming a lack of visibility. When a saturated market is flooded with noise, it’s hard to stand above it. But, what if you have work that you know will help others— work that can make an impact on their lives? In a time of uncertainty, the ability to connect to those needing to hear your message is more vital than ever.

As an online coach and strategist, Olivia Genevieve holds a passionate need to help as many women worldwide get their voices heard and businesses seen. When you’re an online coach, connecting with the right clients can make or break your business. She’s driven to help people find the visibility they need to thrive in a climate that makes staying in business a challenge.

She specifically works with highly ambitious coaches who are Christian women looking for guidance and help to get their work out to their target market. Her master marketing strategies help her clients learn the steps through either a high-level coaching program or an online course that allows them to work at their own pace.

Education is the chance to transform your business, so your work can get out and help others struggling to reach their goals. Olivia is a marketing expert with experience and knowledge behind her, as well as a degree in Media and Communication.

With a blog that offers business tips, information, and unique perspectives, you can pick up new information about how to expand your reach. If wanting to take that further, she has a signature course titled God in Marketing. Her clients are inspired, have a fire in their belly because they know their work can help others, but they’ve stumbled on how to connect with the right audience. She’s driven and finds it difficult to turn off her business mind at times, because it’s a huge passion to make a difference in as many lives as possible.

She loves the idea of reaching across borders and helping women globally, knowing that the people she helps will then go on and help others.