You’re bored, right? You’ve streamed everything of interest on Netflix, and switched to the ‘new’ Facebook, which pretty much resembles the ‘old’ Facebook. You’ve tweeted until your thumbs are raw and are all caught up on Instagram. You even checked out TikTok. A big day out is going to Costco.

In other words, you really need some fresh entertainment before you begin climbing the walls of your house or apartment.

Enter singer-songwriter Olivia Rox, who, when the pandemic hit was getting ready to tour and perform in Europe, followed by touring the U.S. Of course, that got canceled. So she improvised and put together The Olivia Rox Show – The Quarantune Sessions, along with laying down tracks for her latest album, Just A Girl & Her Guitar.

Season 2 of The Olivia Rox Show, entitled The Olivia Rox Show – The Summer Sessions, is now underway, airing on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. PST. The premiere of Season 2 featured boy band On The Outside. Upcoming attractions include health tips from Olympic Gold and Silver medalist Dr. Terry Schroeder, a comedic episode revolving around Olivia and her film crew, along with Olivia performing songs from her new album.

If you want to check out Episode 1 of Season 2, it’s available for streaming here.

As Olivia says, “Please stay safe and stay home – I will bring the music to you!”

Olivia grew up in Colorado amid a gifted family of performers. Jazz saxophonist Warren Hill is her father, while her mother is writer, producer, and director Tamara Van Cleef. Olivia began performing when she was two-years-old, singing “Someday My Prince Will Come” before an audience of thousands at the Chicago Theater.

After starring in Annie when she was 10-years-old, she appeared on Season 15 of America Idol, where she moved into the Top 10 finalists, followed by releasing her first album, Poprox. Three singles from the album – “It Girl,” “Galileo,” and “Shooting Star” hit the Top 40 charts.

Citing a diverse collection of influences such as P!nk, Minnie Ripperton, Carole King, Bruno Mars, The Rolling Stones, and Billie Holiday, Olivia’s sound merges elements of alt-pop with alt-rock energy into delicious sonic confections rife with innovative textures and captivating surface colors.

Unmistakably multi-talented, Olivia’s onscreen personality on The Olivia Rox Show exudes confidence, bubbly charm, and just the right amount of relaxed fun to attract viewers’ attention. And her sense of personal style is simultaneously woke and avantgarde, offering chic flair of the nonchalant variety.

So if you’re looking for relief from quarantine tedium, The Olivia Rox Show – The Summer Sessions might be just what the doctor ordered.

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