There is no accident that you are reading this article. You are on a verge of a major life change.  A great future is waiting for you.  As an award-winning rocket scientist and author, I believe in fate. I also believe that we have the chance to pick the future that is best for us as individuals. In fact, I believe with 100% certainty that there is an amazing future in store for you.  But, can you see it?  Can you touch it? Are you able to taste it? Do you see yourself in it?  Can you hear yourself? More importantly, can you ask the ‘Future-You’ how to get there?

I have developed a new decision-making science that reveals how you can pick the future that you want.  Your future can change instantly into the direction you want, within a split second.  Simple decisions, made moment-by-moment, can change the trajectory of your life. Welcome to ‘Quantum Deciding’.

In my new book, Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want, I have developed a new decision-making science called ‘Quantum Deciding’. The topic has been featured on major news shows and talk shows.  I gave a virtual TED-like keynote talk entitled, “Quantum Deciding” to California State University Northridge Alumni in a distinguished speakers series on this topic, and the video can be viewed.  My goal is for you to know how to use your decision-making power in a way that will help you create the future that you want.

Olympia LePoint (left) explains ‘Quantum Deciding’ on The Doctors TV Show with Dr. Ish Major (middle), and Dr. Andrew Ordon (right). Image courtesy from CBS.

What is Quantum Deciding?

Your new decisions determine your future.  You can choose your best future with targeted decision-making. Quantum Deciding refers to six decisions that we make to acquire the future that we want.  It requires us to go into the future, and see what we want; go in the past and observe what we have experienced; and then come to the present moment and make six key decisions, so we start building the future that we want. Your decisions attract opportunities.

Firstly, it is important to recognize that your decisions have power. No one else can make decisions about your life accept you. No one can change your life except you. You are the author of your life. Each decision that you make creates a whirlwind-type of energy that literally circles around you. Specifically, your decisions have electromagnetic energy that pulls in opportunities to you.  In my book, I explain this energy with new mathematics based on Albert Einstein’s Quantum Entanglement Theory and my experience launching NASA rockets.

Olympia LePoint defines new mathematics for Quantum Deciding. Image from the book Answers Unleashed II.

With the Quantum Deciding method, the first step is to envision yourself in the future that you want. What is the absolute best future that you see for yourself? So often, if we have experienced a troubled past, then we often think that we may not deserve the best future. That thinking hurts us. The truth is that the very best future is still waiting for each of us. You can pick your best future.

Before I became a rocket scientist, I had three different futures. Since I was experiencing severe poverty in my youth, I could have become a high school dropout. I could have been in the gang violence, because there were gang shootings every week on our street corner. Or, I could have become a rocket scientist after going on a field trip to NASA’s Mission Control when I was six years old.  Literally, I had had three different futures in front of me.  I ultimately picked my best future. At eight years old, I woke up at 3 a.m., sat down and wrote out exactly what I saw for myself. This journaling experience provided the blueprint for my future. Years later, I became an award-winning rocket scientist who helped launch 28 NASA Space Shuttle missions into space.

Olympia LePoint helped launch 28 NASA Space Shuttle Missions into Space. Image courtesy of California State University Northridge.

What is in Your Future?

Let’s start with an exercise. Take a blank sheet of paper. Find a pen. Close your eyes.  Begin to see what you would like for yourself. You are beginning to envision your best future. Write down the best situations that you see.  Imagine it being 10 years from now. Write down the details of your vision. Do not fear the future. Instead, be encouraged by the best one.   

What are you doing?  What are you wearing?  Who are you around?  How do you handle situations? The more detail that you can observe, write it down. As you journal, you are becoming more connected to your desired future. Now, envision yourself tomorrow.  Write down what you see. The process is the same. After much practice, you will see your future in various time spans.

When you observe yourself in the future, a scientific phenomenon occurs. You become quantum-entangled with the ‘Future-You.’ In my book, I explain this phenomenon with Quantum Physics and the two dice seen in the photo below. You develop a secure communication with yourself.  By doing this exercise, the space time continuum thinking within your brain connects your decision-making ability. When you imagine your best future, you now have a target in space and time for yourself. You will experience that future, or better.

Next, from your observations, start considering the qualities that you will need for living out that great future.

Olympia LePoint gives a virtual TED-like keynote talk “Quantum Deciding” to California State University Northridge Alumni in a distinguished speakers series. Image courtesy of Olympia LePoint.

Make Six Decisions Today

What decisions can you make right now, so you start becoming the ‘Future-You’ in your vision? The following is a list of six decisions that will help you build successful characteristics in yourself.  The first decision is based on faith. The second decision is based on your identity. The third decision is based on your intent. The fourth decision is based on learning. The fifth decision is based on your resources. The sixth decision is based on how we love ourselves and others. Daily, you can make these six decisions to transform your life

1. FAITH – Decide that your life is here on Earth for a powerful reason.

You have trailblazing faith and a powerful purpose. So often, you may feel sad that your life is not happening per your plan or time scale.  This is a false belief that was introduced to you at a specific age.  Everything that you experience is going to work together for your benefit. And your life has meaning, and your life is powerful. 

You are on Earth for a powerful reason. Each day, you discover your purpose. Decide that your life is meaningful.  Join the club: No one knows exactly what their life purpose is. Your purpose is revealed by making a choice to live out each day in an experiment to find out why.

2. IDENTITY – Decide that you will be a person of integrity, no matter the challenges you face.

You can decide who you are going to be. Who are you? How do you identify yourself?  Are you a person of courage? Example: Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé are famous entertainers. They choose to own their uniqueness. They are not like any other entertainers, and they continually define their brand. We possess the same ability to own our talents. As an example, I’m different than other speakers and authors. I use cutting edge science and faith to introduce new ways of thinking as Olympia LePoint. We each have our own gifts.

Decide to embrace your uniqueness and start making decisions to honor your unique way of being. Decide that you will be a person of integrity, no matter the challenges you face.  It is okay for you to be you. It is okay for you to do things differently. No one on the planet can be you.

3. INTENT – Decide that you will change your environment, instead of it changing you.

Your intent influences environments. So often people think, I’m going to go into an environment, and it’s going to crush me. That is a false reality. The truth is – that no matter where you step, no matter where you go – you change the environment, because you have that decision-making intent.

You may be in a place that drains you.  Somewhere in your past, you bought into a fear that your environment will crush you. That thinking is a lie.  Know the truth: You can impact your environment, and you are stronger that what attempts to push you down. In all cases, you can think: How can I make an impact here?

4. LEARNING – Decide that you will learn new things, and you will act on true information. 

We can make a conscious effort to learn new information. It gives us the ability to rewire our brains. There are many distractions and there is fake information in the world. So, our job is to learn accurate approaches, data, and facts. When you apply accurate knowledge, that decision pulls your targeted-future closer.  It is natural to not know certain information. I am a rocket scientist, and there is many things that I do not know. As a result, I purposely research and learn new things.

When you learn new information and learn to throw out the fake news (and fear), your brain rewires itself to make decisions faster. Verify information is true by finding the same information in at least two other credible sources like university classes, textbooks, major news articles, and in science papers. You are designed to learn at every age.  Your brain requires it.

5. RESOURCES – Decide that you will multiple your resources and grow “a little” into “a lot.”

You can grow your resources and grow “a little” into “a lot.”  Many great leaders and billionaires started out with nothing. Consider Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry. They learned to multiply their resources.  You will have exactly what you need now. And your job is to see what you can multiply.

In my youth, our family struggled to have enough money to eat. For years, I limited my thinking by not recognizing that my drive my resource. It was enough to build my fortune.  My drive started my business and was enough to transform my ideas into books. You can multiply whatever you have, in every situation.  List your resources. Is it time? Is it savings? Is it internal drive?  Decide to multiply whatever you have, then use it.

6. LOVE IN TIME – Decide to love yourself and others in your journey.

What if you have a past that is tough to love? This is normal. You are human, and you will make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Don’t cancel yourself. You are valuable.

In my book, I explain that we each have six specific moments in the past that is hard to love. If we go back to observe these moments, we can see ourselves in a loving way. When you look at a situation objectively, then it becomes a learning experience.  The fear-based reptilian part of the brain is shut off, and the frontal brain lobes turn on. In observing the truth from your past, you begin to love and appreciate the ‘Past-You’.  In this loving self-observation, you give yourself permission to listen to the ‘Future You’. It’s the quantum entanglement science in our decision-making experience.

As a result, you begin to love yourself and find answers through decision-making.  You are worth multiple opportunities. The ‘Future-You’ loves you. The truth is that you are loved, no matter your past mistakes. And you can make new decisions today. You have a future version of yourself who loves you no matter what.

You can say this to the ‘Future-You’:

“I submit my heart and mind to you.

Help me see clearly what your plan is for me.

Help me to stay close to you always.

Help me not live in the past.

Keep me pressing forward to new things that you have in store for me.

Thank you for loving me always.”

– Olympia LePoint


I hope these six decisions help you envision your future success.  Your decisions are based on your faith, your identity, your intent, your learning, your resources, and your love in time. It is time to write it down your best future. By understanding ‘Quantum Deciding’, you can start attracting what you want.  You can encourage yourself in the past, and gain the steps for your successful future. Six new decisions can change your life.


Olympia LePoint